February 21, 2018

Once Again on the White Power Chopping Block: Hardy Lloyd

The final chapter in this sociopath’s story has yet to be written, but it needs to be before it includes him hurting someone – again. 

PITTSBURGH, PA – It didn’t take long for Hardy Lloyd, a neo-Nazi long associated with the White supremacist Creativity Movement who has been making himself active again after being released from prison in July after a parole violation, to find himself behind bars for another. This time it was after illegal weapons were found in his home and he lied to his probation officer about his activities in August, which included placing anti-Semitic fliers on cars in East End neighborhoods and yelling “white power” while giving the Nazi salute at a protest in front of U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy’s office in Mt. Lebanon, a suburb of Pittsburgh.

According to news reports, U.S. Marshalls arrested Lloyd, 38, in his home in the Dormont neighborhood after probation officers found a hatchet, a switchblade, a modified baseball bat and a martial arts “fighting stick” he ordered online – a further violation of his parole as conditions included no internet usage. It was the second time Lloyd violated his parole since his conviction on weapons charges in 2010, having been sent back in 2016 for 14 months prison for harassing a local man that he called “a bigot promoting anti-white hate”, posting a picture him and his wife in an attempt to get their address. He also posted on Facebook about ambushing Pittsburgh police officers and made contact with a Matt Hale, the one time leader of the Creativity Movement, who is serving 40 years in federal prison for conspiring to murder a federal judge, and in 2002, kicked Lloyd out of the organization, considering him a liability after a number of confrontations, one involving a knife.

In 2006, Lloyd was acquitted of the 2004 murder of his girlfriend Lori Hann, 41, after convincing the jury that her death was in self-defense. He was however convicted of carrying a firearm without a license, and three years later, was arrested and charged with one count possession of a firearm by a convicted felon as well as a probation. He was eventually sentenced to 30 months imprisonment.

When Lloyd was released this past July, he and his girlfriend Lisa Marie Donato, whom Lloyd had been seeing since Lori Hann’s death and considers to be his wife even though she is on record as being married to another, started the Pennsylvania Church of Creativity. They reportedly held regular meetings in his home every week.

U.S. District Judge Arthur Schwab, who is handling the case, had issued a no bond order for Lloyd in this latest arrest, and U.S. Magistrate Judge Cynthia Reed Eddy Friday afternoon ordered him detained pending a preliminary hearing next Tuesday.

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