January 16, 2018

VIDEO: Christopher “Crying Nazi” Cantwell Gets Two Charges Dismissed, Boneheads Come Out To Support Him

Chris Cantwell

The Liberty Lamp reported on this court appearance, which was a rather sad affair to be honest. The archive of the Periscope videos follow the article.

Christopher Cantwell, who made a name for himself with his antics at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville Aug. 12 when he was profiled by Vice for a piece shot during the event, and was later arrested and charged with offenses ranging from assault to illegal use of tear gas, saw two of those charges dismissed Thursday. in a preliminary hearing.

According to the Daily Progress, Albermarle County Judge William Barkley dismissed one of the counts of illegal use of gas and the count of malicious bodily injury by means of a caustic substance. Cantwell did allow however the second charge of illegal use of gas and certified that charge to circuit court. This followed more than six hours of testimony and debate to a packed courtroom, which included Elliot R. “Eli Mosley” Kline, the current leader of Identity Evropa, Jason Kessler, the organizer of the Aug. 12 rally, and several others associated with neo-Fascist circles. Those in opposition to those neo-Fascists were also in the courtroom.

For the second charge of illegal use of gas, however, the judge said it is clear that Cantwell does not challenge that he deployed pepper spray multiple times, but there is enough of a question as to whether it was self-defense. The judge then certified the charge to circuit court.

Cantwell, 36, from Keene, New Hampshire, is the host of a neo-Fascist podcast Radical Agenda. He appeared in court in a faded prison jumpsuit standing next to his attorney Elmer Woodard.

The Liberty Lamp reported on the developments via Periscope.

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