January 22, 2018

Vinlander Probate/Corrections Officer Arrested for Double Homicide; Charged with Killing Girlfriend and 2 Y.O. Son

This story has seen a lot of press in its local area and it hits people hard. A woman and her 2-year-old child, who was suffering with heart problems, but was given a new lease on life just eight months ago with a heart transplant, were gunned down in their Effort, PA (about a half-hour from Wilkes-Barre) home on Tuesday. Suspected of the shooting is the boyfriend and child’s father, Michael John Parrish (pictured). He and a friend fled the state, but were picked up in New Hampshire as they slept in their white Ford Bronco. It’s all disturbing enough as it is, but the fact that Parrish is also a Vinlander probate who was working as a corrections officer turns an already distressing and sick story into a particularly alarming one. We are talking about an area of Pennsylvania where a neo-Nazi presence is given a degree of tolerance. That tolerance might need to be reviewed after this tragedy.

One People’s Project

EFFORT, PA—A Monroe County Correction officer who was also a probate for the Vinlander Social Club (VSC), was arrested in New Hampshire Wednesday along with a friend for the murder of his girlfriend and toddler son hours earlier, police say.

Michael John Parrish, 23, and his friend, Conrad Jankowski, 21, of Newfoundland, PA arrested were arrested as they slept in an SUV parked in a gas station lot in Somersworth, N.H., Parrish was charged with the murders of 21-year-old Victoria Marie Adams and 2-year-old Sidney Michael Parrish. Jankowski was arrested for felony hindering apprehension. Both waived extradition to Pennsylvania and are expected to return today.

Police say that Tuesday evening, they received two calls, one from James Ahern, 21, a friend of Parrish and his girlfriend regarding gunshots at the apartment the couple shared in the town of Effort. Police say at sometime before 11:00 PM, Ahern arrived at the home to drop off Adams and their son. Parrish reportedly approached him, pointed what Ahern believed to be a 9 mm handgun at him and fired. Ahern, unhurt, went to a friend’s house to call police. When police arrived at the home, they found Adams and the toddler dead. Parrish was not there.

Parrish and Jankowski were caught when their white Ford Bronco with Pennsylvania license plates had broken down at the New Hampshire gas station, and they told the clerk they would stay there for the night. The clerk alerted police so they wouldn’t be suspicious, but they ran the license plates regardless and learned that the vehicle might have been involved in a felony. When police arrested Parrish, he had a loaded .357 in his waistband.

Vicky Adams and Sidney Parrish

Parrish who is originally from New York, moved to Effort with Adams and their son sometime last year, and he started working at the Morris County Correctional Center in August. The couple had been together for three years, since about the time their child was conceived according to reports. Sidney Michael Parrish spent the first year of his short life in the hospital with a heart condition. He had received a heart transplant just eight months ago.

Due to finish his probationary period as a corrections officer next month, it is unknown if officials at the Morris County facility knew of his affiliations with the New York/New Jersey Chapter of the Vinlander Social Club. Parrish was a close associate of area neo-Nazis and had been probating with the group at the time of his arrest. On his MySpace page Vinlander co-founder Brien James seemed to wash his hands of him in a post there. “Mike, if you did this to your son, I am more shamed to have known you than anyone I’ve ever known,” he wrote. “Do the world a favor.” Another Vinlander associate, Chantel Coolbaugh is soliciting donations for a funeral and posted “RIP Vicky & Sid <3” on her profile. Adams’ profile is among her friends under the name “*Mikes* Princess* Vikki* Ven0m*”, and she has a number of posts in Coolbaugh’s comments section. Parrish does as well, under the name “Greasy Leprechaun”.

Parrish logged into his Myspace profile for the last time on Wednesday. Although set to private, visitors can still read the status line, which currently says, “Greasy Leprechaun Loves his wife Victoria and son Sidney more than anything else!”

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