January 22, 2018

Closing Arguments Made In Walter Dille Murder Trial

You might remember this POS. Walter Dille, Jr. is an associate of Atlantic City “Skins” that carjacked and killed a black woman named Cindy Cade outside a movie theater where she stopped to pick up tickets for a family outing they were going to have that night. Well after a three week trial, the jury is about to get the case. It will be interesting to see if he gets off or stays his ass in jail for the rest of his worthless life. The best his lawyer can say is that he doesn’t want the jury to worry about that whole neo-Nazi thing about him. That doesn’t mean he’s a murderer. No, the three dozen witnesses and 100 pieces of evidence may suggest that, sir. This case is almost four years old, and it was long since time it drew to a close. Let’s hope it ends on a positive note. We have seen some cases recently where boneheads have skated out of a few things when they should have been stomped, while people of color who defend themselves get sent up. This one goes free, all hell will break loose.

Press of Atlantic City

MAYS LANDING — Walter Dille Jr. “is no Boy Scout,” his attorney said Wednesday.
“He’s a skinhead,” Joseph Grassi said. “Statements that he made in letters (which included racial epithets), they’re vile, and they can — and should — make anyone angry.”

But that anger should not be a reason to find him guilty of murder, Grassi said.

Dille is charged with killing Cindy Cade, 44, in the Regal Cinema’s parking lot Dec. 16, 2005. The Galloway Township mother of two had stopped there during her workday to pick up tickets for a movie with her family that night. Instead, she was forced back into her car and fatally shot in the head.

Both sides delivered their closing arguments Wednesday, after a trial that spanned nearly three weeks.

While Grassi focused his closing on the lack of physical evidence linking Dille to the crime, First Assistant Prosecutor Murray Talasnik used the testimony of three dozen witnesses and more than 100 pieces of evidence to weave the events he insists led a frustrated Dille to murder.
Superior Court Judge Albert Garofolo will charge the jury Thursday morning. They will be told the various charges against Dille: murder, felony murder, carjacking and robbery. They also will be told they may consider lesser charges of reckless manslaughter and aggravated manslaughter.

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