February 17, 2018

Bombed Again! Richard Spencer Bounced from University, but Still Plans to Come with ‘Safety Squads’

4/8/2017 - Dick Spencer getting the Glitterbomb during his rally outside the White House.

Memo to  Dick Spencer: We have been in this game long enough to know where your Nazi-screwing-with-people trajectory ends (see Bill White, Matt Hale, Hal Turner, Milo, etc.) Take that to heart, scumbag.

MONTGOMERY, AL – Although the event at Auburn University Tuesday where White Supremacist Richard Spencer was scheduled to speak has been canceled by university administrators, Spencer himself says he is still going to hold an event there bringing “safety squads”.

“In consultation with law enforcement, Auburn canceled the Richard Spencer event scheduled for Tuesday evening based on legitimate concerns and credible evidence that it will jeopardize the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors,” read a statement on the Auburn University website Friday afternoon about the planned appearance at James Foy Hall. Spencer, the Executive Director of the White Supremacist National Policy Institute (NPI), told the Auburn Statesman, the student newspaper, that the university will, in his words, “rue the day that they made this total bullshit decision” because he still plans to come down. “They think they have shut this down, but they haven’t,” he said. “I will give a speech on their campus. It is a public place. I think Auburn University is naive and has totally misunderstood who I am if they think that I am going to politely back out of this. I will be there 100 percent.”

Within hours, Spencer began using the issue as a fundraising effort on Twitter for NPI, but his tweets also began to suggest that he was using the Auburn campus for a battleground between him and his opposition. “We are flying people to Auburn and purchasing safety gear, he tweeted. We really need your help. I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t true.” Later, he will post a video on YouTube saying he will be there with “safety squads to protect me and my people”.

Indeed, as Spencer insists on still appearing at Auburn, plans that were underway to oppose him may still be going forward. In addition to student and community groups planning to protest his appearance, antifa groups have also put a call out to mobilize against him, making this a continuation of the fight antifa has been engaging Spencer in for over the past year, famously punctuated by him being sucker punched as he was giving a television interview on Inauguration Day in Washington, DC.

Last Saturday, in Washington, DC, Spencer held a rally in Lafayette Square just in front of the White House of approximately 30 individuals to protest the recent bombing of Syria, but it was met by antifa that dwarfed the small group that Spencer brought with him. In the end, instead of the opposition to the bombing being what was remembered about the rally, it was rather Spencer himself being “glitter bombed” and making every effort to flee antifa chasing him and his group that had the most impact. It was only a few hours prior that an already-planned event in the Takoma neighborhood called Antifa Unmasked became an impromptu planning meeting on how to oppose Spencer’s rally, which itself was announced just hours before.

By the time the neo-Fascists arrived at the Square at 7:00 PM, Antifa Unmasked had wrapped up and antifa began congregating at McPherson Square. Spencer’s group in Washington, DC seemed to be comprised of a number of neo-Fascists that are active along the Northeast Corridor, and many were particularly known. Mike Peinovich, aka “Mike Enoch” of the Right Stuff website and Daily Shoah podcast, who earlier this year was rumored to have quit the hate scene after it was revealed that his reportedly now ex-wife is Jewish, was one of the louder voices besides Spencer himself. Others like William Clark, an Identity Evropa member from Philadelphia, who also attended the Pro-Trump rally on March 25, and Derrick Davis, the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) student who is also a member of Matthew Heimbach’s Traditionalist Worker Party simply joined with others chanting and holding placards. Davis’ fiancé Andrea, who calls herself Dreiiaa Bat on Facebook, took video from the sidelines, as did neo-Fascist blogger Jason Kessler who just two days prior pled guilty to an assault charge and has to return to court in Charlottesville, VA on April 27 for sentencing. Jeffrey Raphiel Clark, Jr. openly declared to One People’s Project that he was a Nazi, although it is not known if he is a part of any hate groups. Prior to the event, there was a picture from his @Disobedient_Goy Twitter handle of him and his brother Edward Clark posing with Spencer.

Another rally this Saturday at Lafayette Square, this time organized by Deploraball organizer Jack Posobiec will be held in support of Steve Bannon, the former CEO of Breitbart who is now a Senior Advisor to Donald Trump. Some from last week’s rally have expressed interest in attending. Meanwhile a pot luck called Antifa Remasked is also supposed to take place this Saturday, although at this time it is not known if they will once again be in the Square to confront this neo-Fascist rally.

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