February 21, 2018

Next on the White Power Chopping Block Josh “Hatchet” Steever and Jake “Boots” Robards

Josh Steever, left, and Jake Robards, two that were arrested in an early morning raid in Phillipsburg, NJ

Early this morning federal agents burst into a New Jersey home and yanked these two out. This story is still developing.

PHILLIPSBURG, NJ – A raid on a home by federal agents resulted in the arrest of Aryan Strikeforce (ASF) Founder Joshua “Hatchet” Steever and ASF Director Jake “Boots” Robards.

According to NJ.com, approximately fifty agents wearing FBI and ATF jackets surrounded 487 S. Main St. at 5:45 a.m. One car on the scene had a New Jersey Department of Homeland Security placard. The door jamb at the front of the home was splintered, a wire securing a gate to the rear alley had been cut and neighbors say they heard a loud bang early this morning. It had been later learned by One People’s Project that Steever and Robards were arrested, although charges have not been made public at the time of this posting.

Jake “Boots Robards” is second from left, while Josh “Hatchet” Steever is on the far right. Note: We were told that not everyone in the pic is ASF, so we corrected the photo caption to reflect that.

Steever, 37, who was known for having a tattoo reading “racist” on his forehead until an arrest required him to remove the tattoo as a condition of his parole, founded ASF after being kicked out of the Aryan Terror Brigade (ATB), another group he founded. Considered a laughing stock among many of his contemporaries, he is also known for marrying the niece of actor Patrick Swayze, a marriage that was dissolved two months later. He has served time for Steever also served time for beating a man with an axe handle in Texas and for threatening to stab two black high school students in California. Robards, 40 is from Reno, Nevada and is a recent transplant to Phillipsburg. According to neighbors, the two might have lived in the home that was raided for six months to a year.

ASF was at one time a part of the coalition of neo-Nazis that was put together by Matthew Heimbach’s Traditionalist Worker Party and the National Socialist Movement, but it is unclear their status with that coalition today. The raid took place two days before a White Power meeting in Steuben County, New York that ASF was promoting.


  1. I’m white power and I’ll tell you.. we don’t want him. No one does. He’s been turned down by the entire county. Now world wide. He is trying to befriend Europeans and they laugh at him too. He’s a scumbag white trash disgrace to everyone. He’s literally inbred. His parents are really related. Have you ever heard him talk? He has a studder and a lisp.

  2. Jake is my ex-husband. I just found out about this from his family today. I’m glad he’s off the streets. He is just a heroin addict loser. I’m ashamed that I ever was associated with him.

  3. Not everyone in this picture is in his dumb club. Please remove this picture. It’s not appreciated by the families of those not involved.
    Fair enough, but that is still a Klan flag in the background, so we can’t completely ignore that. The best we can do is revise the caption.

  4. For someone being called”a laughing stock” the FBI & Police seem to be taking him pretty seriously. Just saying. The trial starts tomorrow morning. (I’m in UK time). I’m interested in how this pans out.
    Yeah, he’s a laughing stock. That’s why most people from his type of circles stay away from him. Josh and his crew were stupid enough to get snagged by the FBI.

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