January 16, 2018

Corey Stewart Spills the Beans To An Alt-Right Periscope Show

Corey Stewart loves to trash his GOP compatriots

The same day Prince William county supervisor Corey Stewart was fired from the Virginia Trump campaign, he went on a Periscope show hosted by “Alternative Right” rape apologist Mike Cernovich in order to trash his fellow GOP compatriots. But first, a little background…

One week ago we posted our coverage of an anti-National Republican Committee rally that was put on by then-Trump Virginia Campaign Chairman Corey Stewart. Stewart was one of Trump’s top operatives, and had been incensed by the negative reaction to the “Trump Tapes” showing Trump and former Today Show host Billy Bush engaging in a dehumanizing, sexually explicit conversation. The reactions of many of Republicans were to withdraw their support for Trump. As Trump’s campaign and the RNC were trying to mend fences, Stewart decided to throw gas on the fire and organized an anti-RNC rally even though the Trump campaign told him not to do it. Corey was then fired by the Trump campaign.

The rally was interesting; it attracted about 30-35 people, mostly women from the Virginia Women for Trump organization, headed by Alice Butler Short .

What we didn’t see at the time were some other interesting people in attendance, like White Nationalist Devin Saucier– who was holding a sign that said “Better to Grab a P***y Then to Be One”. 

White Nationalist Devin Saucier makes an appearance at Corey Stewart's anti-RNC rally.
White Nationalist Devin Saucier makes an appearance at Corey Stewart’s anti-RNC rally.

To give Stewart the benefit of the doubt, people cannot completely control who come to their rallies. There is also a good chance that once people saw that sign, Saucier was asked to leave. Given that the majority of the rally attendees were ladies, it’s doubtful they would put up with that sort of silliness.

So, we can’t completely put Stewart at fault for one white nationalist at his rally with a really disgusting sign.

What happend next is completely on Stewart.

Following his firing from the Trump campaign, Stewart agreed to go on the Periscope show of rape apologist and Alternative Right gadfly Mike Cernovich.

Rape Apologist Mike Cernovich
Rape Apologist Mike Cernovich

Cernovich is a bad choice for anyone in politics to be associated with. Research has found him to be a bit of a fraud and a conman. He gives off an impression of being unstable and full of conspiracy quackery. His entry into the Alt Right scene was by way of the Men’s Rights Manosphere claiming that he was a victim of a false rape accusation; it ends up being nothing more than a childish twitter war. This and apparently being a lawyer makes him a hero to the dateless basement dwellers by giving out free legal advice on how to beat a rape charge.

We first noticed noticed the connection between Stewart and Cernovich on Twitter (Cernovich seems to have absolutely nothing better to do with his time) when Cernovich was plugging for Stewart’s anti-RNC rally.

img_1993After the rally and Corey got fired from the Trump campaign, being a guest Cernovich’s Periscope show was the next action Corey made.

Periscope is not in an MP3 format, but worry not, we were able to make this train wreck of an interview available for everyone.

If you don’t want to listen to Cernovich’s screeching voice, we have a few of Stewart’s best quotes from this interview.

1:47- The RNC […] has essentially taken control of the Trump campaign since last September, uh, when Kellyanne Conway came in, and uh, her right hand man who is Dave Bossie. […] We held a demonstration in front of the RNC headquarters to protest the RNC’s diversion of money away from the Trump campaign.


CERNOVICH: I have been telling people that there was a coup in the GOP to sabotage trump, not only within the GOP but in Trump’s campaign sabotaging him; can you confirm right now that that is true?

STEWART: That is absolutely true. There are people inside the campaign who are sabotaging the campaign. Namely Dave Bossie, he’s a real problem. […] The RNC types have essentially taken it over.

4:14- RNC operatives have been taking that very money and they have been siphoning it away from the campaign to to the down ticket races around the country.

8:14- I don’t know what the source of that video is but I would not be surprised at all, if they were not the source of that video I would not be surprised at all if they knew it was coming out. […] I think that’s a good possibility, I have no basis to know who was the source of those videos but I would not be surprised at all if it was [House Speaker] Paul Ryan another member of the Republican establishment.

13:37- [Kellyanne Conway] is windowdressing for the campaign, frankly. She’s not really running it. Honestly, it’s the RNC that’s running the campaign at this point.

And so much more…

The biggest laugh we got from this interview was Stewart claiming there were 200 attendees at his anti-RNC rally (7:13). OPP-DC was there and there were barely 40 in attendance.

Does this look like 200 to you?
Does this look like 200 to you?





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