February 21, 2018

No Virginia, there is no Trump Campaign

Alice Butler Short who runs the Virginia Women For Trump club was also the co-organizer of the Trump protest rally against the RNC.

This has been a rough week for the Trump campaign. Allegations of years of inappropriate sexual conduct are proliferating throughout the media in a complete expose campaign with Hillary’s month-long October Surprise.

On Columbus Day, Monday, when most of the government was taking the day off, Corey Stewart– then Virginia chairman for the Trump in Virginia campaign– organized a protest rally against the Republican National Committee located on Capitol Hill.

Corey Steward's protest against trump organized with Virginia Women for Trump.
Corey Stewart’s protest against the RNC, organized with Virginia Women for Trump.

Stewart, who is on the board of supervisors in the “outside the beltway” DC suburb of Prince William County, has been talking about running for Governor. He took a risky gamble with this move and paid dearly for it. Word has it that he was asked not to do the rally by both the Trump Campaign and the RNC. The Trump campaign and the RNC had apparently been trying to work through some rough patches in their relationship and this rally was not exactly welcome by the Trump campaign or the RNC. Corey either ignored the cease and desist warning or didn’t receive in time; went ahead and had the rally and was then promptly fired from his position as head of the campaign for Virginia by the late afternoon that same day.

From the Trump campaign:

“Former Virginia State Chairman Corey Stewart is no longer affiliated with the Donald J. Trump for President campaign,” said Trump’s deputy campaign manager, David Bossie, in a statement. “He is being replaced, effective immediately. Corey made this decision when he staged a stunt in front of the RNC without the knowledge or the approval of the Trump campaign.”

Now almost five days later, Friday morning, NBC’s Washington DC affiliate announced that the Trump campaign is dropping Virginia altogether to focus on states they stand a better chance with. So basically, Virginia has been recognized as a loss for Trump.

Corey Stewart, even though he was tossed out on his arse by the campaign, is retaining a fantasy connection to the campaign, as if his boot from Trump never happened and he is covering his bruises with pancake makeup, still pretending he’s a cog in the machine. screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-1-43-39-pm

It appears that Stewart’s main reason to cling onto the Trump campaign digs deep into his long history of anti-immigration sentiment and policy as a law maker. The Trump campaign inspired one of these concerning comments in reference to his gubernatorial run:

 After protesters punched and threw eggs at Trump supporters in San Jose, Calif., last week, Stewart said on Facebook, and in numerous press interviews, that when he’s governor he’ll throw their “asses out of the country” if they are “illegals, just like we did in Prince William County.”

None of this is isolated. Stewart has a long history of rabid anti-immigration rhetoric,which he has been trying to turn into legislation as a county supervisor. As a slick play of wishful thinking, he is even sending out direct-mail email pushing for the Trump campaign in Virginia with embarrassing fantasy letterhead to look like he’s the governor of Virginia. He is not, and it is doubtful that he will ever be, just like he is no longer an official on the campaign. Although, it is obvious he is using direct mail data collected by the Trump campaign to push his own selfish dreams of becoming governor.


Stewart’s firing from the Trump campaign and the campaign’s decision to kick the state of Virginia to the curb has not deterred the Clifton Virginia resident and Trump cheerleader Alice Butler Short or her Virginia Women for Trump club. They still are trying to ride the Trump Train and are still scheduling events; even in the description of the event, Stewart is still listed as retaining his position in the campaign:

Corey Stewart, Virginia Chairman for Donald J. Trump

What the Trump campaign is actually doing is still a bit of mystery. In the most recent news report from the Washington Post, the campaign is now saying that while they are not really moving out of Virginia, they are just relocating their Virginia staff to other states.

Given the outlook, Trump is still not doing very well in Virginia



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