February 21, 2018

As Breitbart’s Lee Stranahan Tries to Attack Response to Alton Sterling Shooting, He Hat Tips Neo-Fascists of “Alt-Right”

Lee Stranahan

Lee Stranahan’s mission in life is to fight the left. If he wants to hang with the racist elements of the right to do it, he is going to lose that fight. Badly.
On Tuesday morning in Baton Rouge, LA Alton Sterling, a Black man selling CD was shot and killed by a police officer in an altercation that was captured on video. Within days the shooting was front page news as the public expressed outrage over what they saw as the video went viral, and it became exacerbated when the following day, Philando Castile in Falcon Heights Minnesota was shot and killed during a traffic stop and his death was also captured on video.

As the public tries to come to grips with the two tragedies, conservative propagandist Lee Stranahan of Breitbart.com is attempting to paint those responses as nothing more than a typical leftist political ploy of sorts, ironically writing what is typical of conservatives of his stripe, saying all the facts are not known about the case while at the same time attempting to smear the person shot and killed, in this case Alton Sterling. In doing so however, Stranahan made a passing reference that stands out regarding those uncovering the information about Sterling:

“You would not know it from reading Twitter’s Moments, but almost as quickly as the story began to spread on the social media network, a number of conservative and alt-right citizen journalists began to do their own quick research on the story and immediately found information they contradicted the narrative of Sterling as a good-natured father of five.”

It would be expected that the “alt-right citizen journalists” in particular would attempt to contradict any positive depiction of Sterling being that the so-called “alternative right” or “alt-right” is what today’s more influential White Supremacists within those circles have taken to call themselves. What has regularly set them apart from others of their ilk is the fact that despite maintaining similar questionable positions such as believing Blacks are genetically inferior mentally to Whites, they are more open to working and associating with those that the racist right refuse to, such as persons of color and the gay community, and that has allowed for enough plausible deniability to promote them as Stranahan attempted to. Stranahan then proceeded to post tweets from a blogger name Mike Cernovich that paint Sterling as a pedophile and Bloods’ gang member, none of which relevant to what happened Tuesday. Cernovich, who will later tweet that according to the Conservative website GotNews.com, Philando Castile was a member of the Crips – although he had no criminal record – is considered a part of  the “alt-right” circles, but while he says he is friendly with them, he doesn’t consider himself a part of it, saying in one tweet last February, “there’s stuff I don’t agree with.” By May, Cernovich was attacking departed Breitbart Editor Ben Shapiro in a meme for being critical of them.

Recently, Breitbart Editor Milo Yiannopoulos wrote an article for the Breitbart website which was nothing more than a fluff piece for the alternative right. Breitbart.com has a long history with these circles, going back well before they started calling themselves the alternative right.

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