January 19, 2018

Neo-Nazi Wanted for Triple Homicide in Washington State

This guy should have been put down long before this happened. UPDATE: They got his ass.

A neo-Nazi with a long history of violence, particularly against people of color, is now wanted in Washington State in connection with shooting of four persons late Friday, three of whom had died.

According to Oregon Live, Brent W. Luyster, 35, is a suspect in the shootings in the town of Woodland, according to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. At approximately 10:20 a woman drove to a convenience store suffering from a gunshot wound to the face. After deputies responded to the store, and help get the woman medical attention, a SWAT team went to a home two miles away where they found three people dead. Police have not identified the victims, all of whom, including the woman who drove to the convenience store were all known to Luyster.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, Luyster was one of three neo-Nazi boneheads that in 2005 allegedly started a fight in Vancouver, WA with an African-American man and shot him when he turned to run away. In 2013, he along with his brother Robert and Ronald McElfish were arrested again in Vancouver on assault and harassment charges stemming from an incident they had sparked after they saw a Black man sitting with a White woman at a bar. In May, Luyster was arrested for pistol-whipping his ex-girlfriend in Longview, WA. A 2013 news item also reported that Brent Luyster, Jr., then 11 years old, and Molly Luyster, then 13, were missing and possibly runaways along with a third child. All three children were since found.

On his Facebook page, one fellow neo-Nazi expressed sadness, but praised his friend as he is on the run. “My heart breaks that my comrade Brent Luyster is on the loose with multiple body bags in tow,” Dan McGrew wrote. “(B)rother ODIN is calling for you, may you have a proper taking into Valhalla……”

Longview is the last place Luyster was known to have been living and he has ties throughout Clark County, WA. He could be driving a gold Ford Explorer with a cargo rack and plates reading ATD5294. He could also be driving a white Explorer with Washington plates reading AYH9994. He is 6 feet tall and about 200 pounds with a shaved head. He’s covered in tattoos, including multiple swastikas and ink that appears to read “skinhead.”


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