January 19, 2018

So Now Boneheads Murder a British Politician…

Tributes for Labour Party MP Jo Cox, who was shot dead in the street in northern England, are displayed on Parliament Square in London, Britain, June 16, 2016. | Photo: Reuters

The Nazis in the UK want to break from the European Union. And there’s blood on their hands.


The British man accused of murdering Labour Party lawmaker Jo Cox on Thursday is a “longtime” and “dedicated” supporter of a neo-Nazi group called the National Alliance, or NA, the Southern Poverty Law Center revealed Thursday.

Reputed Neo-Nazi Thomas Mair
Reputed Neo-Nazi Thomas Mair

The center, which monitors hate groups in the United States, says alleged assassin Thomas Mair “purchased a manual from NA in 1999 that included instructions on how to build a pistol.” Mair was a supporter of the National Alliance.

Eyewitnesses have said the man who shot and killed Cox—a leading advocate for the rights of refugees—appeared to be using a homemade weapon. At least one has also claimed that Cox shouted “Britain First,” the name of a far-right political party known for its hard-line opposition to immigration and multiculturalism.

The center says it found that Mair ordered over US$620 worth of goods from NA’s printing house, National Vanguard Books, and that Mair bought works on how to make improvised weapons, from bombs to guns.

The revelation comes after earlier reports that Mair subscribed to S.A. Patriot, a white supremacist publication founded in South Africa.

NOTE–Earlier reports had Mair shouting “Britain First!” as he killed Cox. That’s the name of a UK hate group.

Britain First have been holding an ‘activist training camp’ in the Welsh mountains


Members of Britain First pose in front of Dolbadarn Castle
Members of Britain First pose in front of Dolbadarn Castle

Members of Britain First have been in the Welsh mountains holding what they described as an “activist training camp”.

A dozen people took part in the camp in the mountains of Snowdonia, where they said they learned things including self-defence, martial arts, knife defence, survival techniques, rough camping and mountain climbing.

Describing their “knife defence” class, they wrote: “Knife defence and self defence is crucial to keeping our activists safe. Knives are prevalent in our society. We never want trouble but we refuse to leave our activists exposed.”

A picture alongside the post showed a man holding what appeared to be a wooden ruler.

Photos of the event were uploaded to Facebook which showed the group eating sausages, Pringles, tinned spaghetti and drinking Lucozade around the campfire.

They even had time to enjoy a visit to Dolbadarn Castle to round off a weekend described as full of “camaraderie”.

Britain First describes itself as a “loyalist” movement, with members who are “loyal to Queen and country” welcome to join.

It regularly posts Islamophobic sentiments to its Facebook page.

The group has courted controversy in the past expressing views against immigration and facing accusations of racism, which they deny.

While their post got thousands of likes from supporters, there were plenty who found it funny. One wrote: “Self defence from wooden rulers followed by a very British Pot Noodle dinner.”

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