February 23, 2018

Leif Erickson Day in Philly is Going to be Observed on Antifa’s Time This Year!

October 9, 2016 @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Thorfin Karlsefeni Statue, Boathouse Row
Kelly Dr
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Leif Erickson Day in Philly is Going to be Observed on Antifa's Time This Year! @ Thorfin Karlsefeni Statue, Boathouse Row | Philadelphia | Pennsylvania | United States

This year, it’s not about what Keystone State “Skinheads” has planned. We already know they really don’t want to see us and are going to do everything they can to avoid us. We have already won that battle. This year, it’s about coming out on our time to say there is still work to be done.

From Antifa Philadelphia:

It’s that time of the year again.

Every October, The Keystone State “Skinheads” attempt to hold a public rally along boathouse row in Fairmount Park. This rally is billed as a “Leif Erikson Day Celebration.” It is, in reality, the one time a year that KSS tries to hold a space in Philly, if only for an hour. This grants them some measure of legitimacy as “activists” and represents their last foothold of a street presence in Philadelphia. They have encountered opposition most of the past 10 years. Last year, in order to avoid Anti-Fascists, KSS held their event in the middle of the night after announcing they would be in the park at noon.

Antifa Philadelphia intends to be in Fairmount Park on October 9th, Leif Erikson Day. We will gather at the Thorfin Karlsfeni statue on Boathouse row and rally against Racism, Colonialism, and KSS organizing in our city and state. We are calling on all Anti-Racists and Anti-Fascists to join us in confronting KSS and showing them that they are (still) not welcome in Philadelphia.

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