January 22, 2018

Nationwide White Supremacist Anti-Immigration Marches Met By Antifa

Kate Steinle

Neo-Fascists spent two years using the death of Kate Steinle as part of their political agenda, and they lost it when her accused killer was cleared. So when they started rallying around that, it wasn’t like antifa felt their pain!

Despite the fact that the family of Kate Steinle has made it clear they do not want her death politicized – and especially not by White supremacists – that particular circle seems intent on using her to advance an anti-immigration agenda. That was apparent this weekend when a number of rallies calling for Donald Trump to build what they called “Kate’s Wall” in response to the acquittal of a undocumented homeless man of murder and manslaughter charges last week in Steinle’s on a San Francisco pier two years ago. The man said he unknowingly fired the gun when he found it wrapped in a rag on the pier.

A video from Burlington, VT and a reportback from Portland, OR documented the rallies that took place in those respective cities. In Burlington, the rally was a miniscule one organized Ryan Roy who made local headlines when he was fired from a pizza chef position in Burlington when it was revealed that he participated in the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA in August, even bringing his infant child to the rally. Portland’s rally saw a clash between hundreds of neo-Fascists and antifa that resulted in at least one arrest of a person reportedly associated with the neo-Fascist Proud Boys founded last year by writer Gavin McInnes.

Last weekend, Richard Spencer and others held a rally outside the White House in Washington, DC using Steinle’s death for their political agenda and was similarly met by antifa. Other rallies are being organized by White supremacists for the near future.

Portland Reportback

On Dec 9th 2017 Vancouver Washington based right wing group, Patriot Prayer, held another rally and march in downtown Portland Oregon. They called this event “March for Kate Steinle” and it was held in conjunction with multiple other marches across the country.

Mugshot of a teary-eyed Tusitala “Tiny” Toese, facing charges of Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree, Harassment, Assault in the Fourth Degree and a warrant for a previous charge of Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree.

From the start, Patriot Prayer’s true intention of violence and intimidation of those that do not agree with them was apparent. Both sides were separated by police when Tusitala “Tiny” Toese, a well-known regular at Patriot Prayer (PP) events, crossed the street with a few of his fellow thugs and proceeded to start a fight with Leftist activists, in their part of the park. Within a matter of moments, Tiny started throwing punches. This time, he hit an unsuspecting gentleman, of considerable smaller stature, who had been standing in opposition to them, with no more provocation than a middle finger. At which point members of the Black Bloc rushed to defend the man and a fight ensued. The police who were standing about 20 feet from the fight and let it go on while members of the Right attacked those in block and anyone nearby with signs, poles, and flying fists.

After the fight was over, and everyone had gone back to their respective areas, the Right took to the streets. As their march started, Tusitala “Tiny” Toese was arrested on four different charges, those are : disorderly conduct in the second degree, harassment, assault in the fourth degree as well as a warrant on a previous charge of disorderly conduct.

The march continued, however, the Portland Police escorted the PP marchers to the Hawthorne bridge where leftists were barred from following. Nevertheless, they turned back to meet the Left on the waterfront and began the cycle of argument, intimidation, and bursts of violence, as the police stood idly by, some 50 yards away in their riot gear holding batons.

Among the known Nazis that marched with Patriot Prayer, was Jarl Rockhill, a known registered sex offender. Members of Antifa, RASH, and SHARP approached Joey Gibson (PP founder and lead organizer) and members of the proud boys with this information. To their credit they did confront and remove him from their march, which was met with cheers from both sides. As of the time of this writing, we hope that he is gone for good, but we will see as he has been spotted at various other marches.

The event continued with various brawls started by the right wing, and the police passively watching while citizens were attacked for daring to challenge fascism and racism as it stands in our streets. Every attack was met with strength, resilience, and solidarity. I am happy to say that the left was truly successful yesterday in Portland.

Hate will not be tolerated in this city! This community stands united against the intolerant Right, who’s only real goal is to assert their own privilege in this society at the expense of marginalized communities. This will not be tolerated!

In Solidarity.

Burlington Video

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