January 17, 2018

Trump, Game On, Trick!!

Tired of Trump’s stunts that are putting all of us in harm’s way for the love of those who kiss his behind? Chuck Tackett is too.

This article is dedicated to Heather Heyer who was viciously murdered and Deandre Harris who was brutally beaten to an inch of his life by White Terrorist Thug Nazis on American soil Saturday, August 12th, 2017. LET THAT SINK IN. Heather Heyes, RIP, and Deandre rest up and heal. Thank you, both for your bravery and courage. You two are true American heroes.

Tom Joyner

Roland Martin

On Wednesday, August 16th, news anchor Roland Martin of NewsOneNow, a television news show that caters to millions of African Americans put Trump’s trick ass behind on notice on air. Tom Joyner of The Tom Joyner Morning Show a national radio music show that also caters to million of African American simulcast Roland’s remarks live on air, so millions upon millions of African Americans heard the message at the same time. The following is Roland’s call to action.

“Tom, for 398 years, Black folks have been fighting this country to ensure that it lives up to its ideals. For 398 years, we made it perfectly clear that we are not going to sit idly by and allow ourselves to be embarrassed and run over in shame by White Supremacists.
This is the 109th anniversary of the first Black newspaper, “The Freedom Journal” which was founded in March 1827. In their lead editorial, they wrote “We wish to plead our own cause. Too long, others have spoken for us.”
This is a moment; we don’t need anybody else to speak for us. We can speak with clarity and precision as to what is exactly required of us. With this requires is ALPHAS. KAPPAS, OMEGAS, SIGMAS, IOTAS, AKA, DELTAS, ZETAS, SIGMA GAMMA RHO, The LINKS. It requires The Prince Hall Masons; it requires ME PHI ME, it requires people of conscious to stand up whether you are bougie, whether you are grassroots.

No matter where you are, it requires Black people of conscious and other people of conscience to say we are going to oppose any effort to go back to the days of Jim Crow, to go back to the days after Reconstruction when you had the Redeemer Movement  by Democrats, The Lily White Movement by White folks on the Republican side. We have seen this before, and every time it has happened, we fought back.

What that means it is time for folks to stand up, mobilize and organize. It means that when it comes to the ballot box, I don’t care who you are. I don’t want to hear anybody say my vote does not matter. When you see White Supremacists at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, that is the only proof you need to show your vote does indeed matter. What this means is we need people in Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, California, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, etc. to say enough is enough. What it means is for us to go to City Council meetings, County Commissioner meetings, State meetings, go to the Governor’s mansion and say we are going to reign down holy hell on any politician who stands with Donald Trump.

If you think we are playing, you are wrong. The previous generation, The Baby Boomers, stood up. Our grandfathers and grandmothers stood up. Our mothers and fathers stood up. It is time for Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennial Generation to stand up and say we are going to take this fight on and go after anybody who stands in our path.

I will not stand idly by and listen to Donald Trump anymore. I will not listen to anybody whether they are a Black Republican who agrees with him, who voted for him, who continues to apologize for him. You will be name checked. You will be embarrassed, and you will not be invited to anything that involves Black people. It is time for us to call people out. It is time for us to realize that we cannot wait.

In 2018, we are going to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dr. King being assassinated. We are going to focus on the 50th anniversary of The Kerner Commissioner Report on the race riots of 1967. Do understand this is a moment where people will have to decide which side they are on. Are you on the side of righteousness or are you on the side of White Supremacists? There is not going to be any effort to say I can stand on either side. I don’t care who you are. If you are a Republican or Democrat, you have been served notice. If you stand with this man, if you support White nationalist policies, we are going to take you out of the ballot box and put people of conscious in.

Heather Heyes will be buried today. She is the 21st-century version of Viola Liuzzo, a White woman from Michigan who died trying to help Black folks vote. This is not a Black thing or Hispanic thing or Asian thing. It is a conscious thing. This is a battle for the soul of America and like the Tuskegee Airmen said, “We will fight to the last hour, minute, and second. We will fight, fight, fight.” #45, GAME ON !”

For years, I have tried to tell you all that Black America will NEVER forget how the first Black President, Barrack Obama was treated. For the most part, White LGBTQs felt it wasn’t their problem, or they wouldn’t pay attention to the message because of the messenger. Maybe I just didn’t belong to the “In crowd” You called me racist, unhappy, and miserable. As my mother would say, “I guess you didn’t believe fat meat was greasy.” I am not claiming I am some genius.II am just observant, and I don’t live my life in a bubble.I have 61 years under my belt. I have seen this before. I had this gut feeling that we as LGBTQs will be used AGAIN as cannon fodder when Non-Whites, Muslims, and Jews were being demonized. This time it will be on steroids with those White Supremacists in charge. YOU CAN TAKE THIS ARTICLE AND MY REMARKS WITH A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR, OR YOU CAN TAKE IT STRAIGHT WITHOUT A CHASER. I DON’T CARE.  I TRIED TO TELL YOU ALL.

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