January 16, 2018

Millennial Woes is Him: Racist Video Blogger Outed, Reportedly Flees Country

Colin Robertson of Linlithgow, Scotland did not want you to know who he is the Millennial Woes, the racist blogger against race mixing but ambivalent about bestiality. He seriously did not want you to know that. Oh well…

A White Supremacist video blogger from Scotland who was one of the speakers at the National Policy Institute (NPI) conference in Washington, DC on Nov. 19, and who had gone to great lengths to protect his identity has been outed online, reportedly forcing him to flee his home.

According to the blog A Thousand Flowers, the “vlogger” known as Millennial Woes is actually 34-year-old Colin Robertson, an unemployed former student living with his father in Linlithgow, 20 miles (30 km) west of Edinburgh. When the Scottish newspaper Daily Record investigated to confirm the information, no one answered the door of the home identified, but police responded to the address citing a call that someone was being harassed there.

Robertson became notorious for his racist, hate-filled video rants that has netted him over 20,000 YouTube followers since he started it in late 2013. In November, he participated in the NPI Conference, made notorious after NPI Executive Director Richard Spencer ended the event with a shout of “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!” as some attendees responded with Nazi salutes. Robertson videotaped himself at the pre-Conference party at a local Italian eatery as protesters stormed in.

Robertson’s speech at the NPI Conference, took a particularly odd turn as he made an attempt at logic by suggesting that “you can’t explain why bestiality is wrong” because one can’t prove it is a moral wrong, was reportedly only his third public speaking outing, having also spoken at the neo-Fascist Erkenbrand conference in the Netherlands in September and the Northwest Forum in Seattle on Nov. 12, which was sponsored by a White Supremacist publisher Counter-Currents meet up in America. Just before he introduced Robertson – as Millennial Woes – at the NPI Conference, who’s speech Richard Spencer inadvertently referred to him as “Colin” in the unedited video. A Thousand Flowers noted that Robertson once warned his viewers to “never reveal your city, or your year of birth, or the real names of anyone you know. Not even first names.”

The last video uploaded to the Millennial Woes YouTube channel presumably by Robertson says that he has left the UK in the wake of his outing, is now “being sheltered by fans abroad” and that the video may be his last upload. The video also states, “I do not hate women, Jews, Muslims, gays minorities or anyone else, and have consistently condemned violence.” Several videos from this channel, among them those that celebrated the anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death, called for Whites to be racist, and his speech at the Erkenbrand conference have been removed. Tweets accusing the police in the UK in aiding and abetting Muslims who rape and an ironic complaint of Facebook banning him for saying Muslim immigration should be banned, still remain. The UK, particularly Scotland, has laws forbidding hate speech.

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  1. “having also spoken at the neo-Fascist Erkenbrand conference in the Netherlands in September”
    Hey, we arent neo-fascists. I’m an etnonationalist Libertarian for one. You’ll find we”re quite nuanced actually.

    “Ethnonationalist Libertarian”????? You call it nuanced, we call it splitting hairs, but to each their own…–OPP

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