January 16, 2018

Article about White Supremacist Group Member Calls out Group’s ‘Hypocrisy’

Derrick Davis

If it wasn’t for the fact that Matthew Heimbach & Co. has called for LGBT persons to be either institutionalized or sent to camps, we wouldn’t take issue with a member of his group whose personal choices should have seemingly sent that crew through the roof!

An article on Overthrowdotcom.com, a sister website of One People’s Project, takes issue with Matthew Heimbach’s Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) and their inclusion of a member who despite the group’s fervent attacks on the LGBT community, particularly the transgendered, has posted photos of themselves wearing dresses and makeup.

According to the article, Derrick Davis, a philosophy student at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), is a member of TWP, which organized the rally in Sacramento in June that became an all-out brawl with serious injuries on both sides. While Davis has not come out publicly as transgendered, gay or bisexual, photos of Davis, one showing them wearing a dress with a purple wig and makeup, may still run counter to the TWP message of traditional values, particularly anti-LGBT stances, where they have referred to “a man who ‘loves’ another man” as “mentally ill”, and have been so bad they have even caused Heimbach to be dis-invited from the National Policy Institute conference in Washington, DC last Halloween. They have been particularly harsh on the transgendered community as of late, calling them in one article “self-mutilating sodomites”. “(T)he question on our minds is, ‘has Matthew Heimbach changed his mind about gender queer rights, or is this simply hypocrisy?’” the article notes.





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  1. Well take a good look at some of those disgusting sites on Tumblr… Lots of closet-gay S&M Nazis looking for black slaves and people of other races they can abuse that way. And you never hear about it from the gay community. Nobody is making an effort to expose these disgusting sites. It’s a disgrace to the gay scene.

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