February 23, 2018

ALERT! Matthew Heimbach’s ‘Traditional Workers Party’ to Rally in Sacremento, CA; Antifa Organizing Opposition

A call from Antifa in Sacramento has been put out to oppose a rally being put on by Matthew Heimbach’s so-called “Traditional Workers Party” (TWP), the latest in a series of organizations he has come up with over the past two years.  They are planning to march on California’s capital to reclaim the streets or whatever, and we all know how well it turns out for the WP crowd when they try to do such things. They know they got the attention of Antifa, and are boasting about how they can’t wait to mix it up with them. Thing is, TWP is not all that forthcoming, not even to its supporters, about its plans. We are used to them sneaking around like this, mostly to avoid the opposition, but we will see if they continue on with that approach, the way they have been making it clear through posts and a few comments on some podcasts that it’s a fight they want.

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