February 17, 2018

Hate Group Plans Conference Somewhere in Detroit
Mar 4 @ 12:00 pm – Mar 5 @ 10:30 pm
Hate Group Plans Conference Somewhere in Detroit @ Detroit | Michigan | United States

Trying to do something the same time Dick Spencer will be speaking at Michigan State University, his attorney and MSU alum Kyle Bristow and his group the Foundation for the Marketplace of Idiots…sorry Ideas (actually we’re not sorry, FMI) want to hold some sort of conference in the Detroit area. This is its second  outing, the last one being in summer 2016 just after the Republican National Convention, and similar to when neo-Nazi concerts whenever they are put on, they aren’t disclosing where it is and those who want to attend have to be “vetted”. That means the venue might not even know they have this thing happening at their spot, and won’t know until the last minute, so consider this a heads up to hotels and restaurants in the Detroit area to check out their scheduled events for Sunday, March 4, and Monday March 5.

Here’s something else. According to their schedule. Among the speakers are Bristow, Spencer, Cameron Padgett, Elliott Kline, aka Eli Mosley, and Matthew Heimbach, so basically you have the folks involved with leading the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia last summer coming to Detroit. More to the point, with Heimbach speaking and his partner and National Socialist Movement leader Jeff Scheop living in Detroit, their umbrella group the Nationalist Front will be there. Even more to the point, all attendees are asked to go to Dick Spencer’s speaking engagement at MSU in Lansing. Being that they have been about attacking people and were the instigators of the violence in Charlottesville, not to mention in Shelbyville, TN last November, we should all be mindful that this might be what they are looking for in Detroit and Lansing. That’s something both venues and residents are going to have to deal with. But look at it like this: if the Foundation for the Marketplace of Idiots have to hide from us, they’re afraid of us!

Dick Spencer Speaking at Michigan State University @ MSU Pavilion for Agriculture and Livestock Education
Mar 5 @ 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Dick Spencer Speaking at Michigan State University @ MSU Pavilion for Agriculture and Livestock Education | Lansing | Michigan | United States

So it seems that Dick Spencer has himself another speaking gig, and it is at the alma mater of his attorney Kyle Bristow, who while a student there worked to get white supremacists to speak on campus. After much wrangling around Spencer will be at Michigan State University (MSU), per the terms of an agreement per the settlement of a lawsuit filed by Bristow on Spencer’s behalf – that agreement including the stipulation that Spencer never tries to hold anything else at the University ever again! We can’t help but be reminded of how this is kind of what Creativity Movement leader Matt Hale was doing with his public library appearances back in the early ’00s, and he is one of many examples of that crowd pushing and pushing people until they push back because his ass is in federal prison for 40 years. Will that happen to Spencer? Who knows? Considering the last time he held one of these things three of his people ended up in jail for shooting at people, it’s probably only a matter of time before Spencer sees the pushback tailor-made for him!

And we can’t always fault the universities for allowing Spencer and his ilk to infest their campuses. They are indeed trying to keep these things from happening. Kent State University, for example, was able to shut him out from a planned event on May 4 – the anniversary of the 1970 “Kent State Massacre” when the Ohio National Guard fired into a crowd of demonstrators, killing four and wounding nine.