February 17, 2018

‘Alt-Right’ Associate Who Wants Feminists to Be Raped Can’t Understand Why He Might Get Fired From a Charter School in DC

John Goldman, aka "Jack Murphy" on the left with the BDU Washington Nationals baseball cap on, at a rally last spring outside the White House put on hy Richard Spencer. Photo credit: Lacy MacAuley

Yeah, we know. John Goldman and his supporters are threatening lawsuits for anyone who calls him out as a Nazi, Fascist or whatever else he doesn’t want us to call them. So what say we lay out why it’s happening, shall we?

WASHINGTON, DC – An employee with the DC Charter School Board has been put on administrative leave after it was revealed that he was the author of a neo-fascist blog that has called for feminists to be raped, and has been associated with prominent neo-fascists.

According to news sources, John Goldman, a senior manager of finance, analysis and strategy with the charter school board had admitted to publishing the blog JackMurphyLive.com, via his assumed name “Jack Murphy”. The blog is decidedly far right, with Goldman suggesting that in one case since feminists have rejected a man’s “natural tendency towards dominance and women to passivity and submission,” it creates a “paradox” for which he offers a solution. “Rape is the best therapy for the problem,” he wrote. “Feminists need rape.” Curiously, he has used the threat of rape against Hispanic immigrants to this country, arguing that school districts should not fund education for immigrants, especially in the school district where his children attend, asking, “Is it worth educating, protecting, and defending illegal immigrants if it means our daughters will be raped while they are at school?”

Furthering his opposition to non-white immigration, Goldman also opined on implementing certain measures to slow it down if not stop it completely. “Build the wall, severely curtail immigration, and double down on investments in the U.S. labor force,” he said. My restatement: “Keep the brown folks out, don’t let anyone in that isn’t from white European countries, and restore the feudal state.”

John Goldman, aka “Jack Murphy”, far right, standing with Jason Kessler, who would later organize the tragic “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville Aug. 12, at a March, 2017 rally organized by Richard Spencer on the far left with megaphone. Photo credit: IsisDC. Used with permission.

Seeing himself as a “political libertarian”, Goldman said in his blog entry “From Democrat to Deplorable” that he voted for President Barack Obama in 2008, but left the Democrats because, “(T)he Democrats and their leaders spun wildly left and I found myself alone in the political wilderness.” In 2016 his views shifted to him voting for Donald Trump, and he also looks to neo-Fascist figures like Mike Cernovich and Men’s Rights Activist Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh, both of whom have made repeated defenses or denials of rape, both also being accused rapists in the past. He has been seen at several events put on by the so-called “alt-right” including rallies outside the White House, one organized by White Supremacist Richard Spencer on April 8, and another on April 15 in support of then-White House advisor Steve Bannon by Spencer and neo-Fascist propagandist Jack Posobiec. Most recently, he attended a party in New York City called the “Night for Freedom,” with Cernovich and Posobiec headlining, and during the night posed for a photograph with Cernovich, Posobiec and surprisingly Chelsea Manning, the former Army intelligence analyst who spent seven years in prison for leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks, not only has Manning has found herself having to explain why she was there.

“Jack Murphy’s” position in the charter schools was learned several months ago by the DC Antifascist Collective. Subsequently, One People’s Project/DC Antifascist Collective organizer Lacy MacAuley began to publish her concerns about him working with charter school students, many of whom are Black and Hispanic. Murphy has since denied the associations with the “alt-right”, and in particular Richard Spencer, whom he has said he has feuded with, “I don’t just disavow Richard Spencer, I’ve openly fought him,” he wrote in his blog, saying also that he attended the April 8 Richard Spencer’s “anti-war” White House rally against a war in Syria because it was newsworthy and thought antifa would show up. The article he had written about the rally however expressed Goldman’s concern about Trump’s receptiveness. “It was important for President Trump to hear this anti-war message. But I wonder if he is hearing the louder more urgent call, the growing dissension among his most hardcore supporters,” he wrote. “Will he have the power to achieve the rest of his agenda without the support of those who fought for his election?”

This is the second time this month a teacher in the Washington, DC area has seen his position in jeopardy because of their associations with neo-Fascists. Earlier this month, Gregory Conte, the director of operations at Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute, lost his job [http://www.newsweek.com/alt-right-maryland-teacher-gregory-conte-fired-after-identity-white-773708] as a substitute teacher and field hockey coach at the all-girl Academy of the Holy Cross in Kensington, when school authorities discovered this association. Conte appeared in a podcast with Spencer last week for altright.com, and in the hour-long broadcast looked uneasy when Spencer suggested that giving pedophiles child porn could possibly prevent future incidents, not taken into account that producing child porn would involve a child being sexually assaulted.

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised.

RICHARD_SPENCER from Frederick R. White on Vimeo.

Goldman will remain on administrative leave until the investigation is concluded, at which time a decision will be made as to the future of his employment.

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