January 17, 2018

‘Knight of the Year’??? White Supremacist Gets a Big Award From His Knights of Columbus Chapter

Alexander Carmichael and his award.

Now Alex Carmichael of the American Freedom Party is not known for much else except being a neo-Fascist, so ya gotta wonder why this K of C Council thought no one would notice!

KINNELON, NJ – A Director of the White supremacist American Freedom Party, whose prior organization was best known for distributing racist flyers across New Jersey, has been honored in his local chapter of the Knights of Columbus.

K of C Council #14493 presented attorney Alexander Carmichael its Knight of the Year Award in September, which recognizes all involvement in focus area of the fraternal organization, and especially acknowledges members involved in charitable affairs and who works to solve community issues. Carmichael is an officer in this council.

Carmichael however has been known particularly for his involvement in White supremacist activism. In March 2008, he founded the League of American Patriots, and the organization made a name for itself with flyers distributed around New Jersey urging residents to “Stop Minority [Non-White] Crime Now!” as well as flyers distributed in New Jersey and in Pennsylvania that attacked then-Senator and Presidential Candidate Barack Obama, African Americans and Hispanics. In 2009, the group attempted to hold a meeting at a library in Clifton, NJ for what they called “International White Pride World Wide Day”, but was met by antifa who chased them out of the building.

In 2010, the League was absorbed into the American Freedom Party (AFP), which at the time was called American Third Position (A3P). Carmichael became one of its directors and held regular events to promote the party and its ideals. “The accomplishments of the A3P over the last several months gives us great confidence in the future of the party,” he told a Council of Conservative Citizens conference that year, where he also attempted to warn against changing demographics. “Amongst other things, we have received enthusiastic support at Tea Parties around the mid-Atlantic, garnered multiple inquiries at ethnic festivals where we network and distribute A3P literature, and our tabling and door-to-door outreach successfully presents a human face to those who we wish to reach for our common cause.”

The AFP website states that Carmichael, who has been active in White supremacist activities since 2000, became an attorney to work on behalf of those activities, and also serves as in-house counsel for AFP.
Officials with the Kinnelon Chapter of the Knights of Columbus were contacted, but never returned calls for a statement.


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