February 23, 2018

Stormfront Has a Meet & Greet Tomorrow Before It’s Conference, But Funny Story About Billy Roper

Billy Roper shows off a "Idenitarian" flag to attendees of his Shieldwall Network. meeting on Sept. 24 at the Mean Bean Cafe in Conway, TN.

Billy Roper’s Lost Cause led to a lost job for one of his people after using his spot to have a WP meeting. That might not happen at Crossville, TN’s Beef & Barrel Restaurant where Stormfront has things planned for tomorrow. Says an employee: “It’s here. It’s on the patio.”

Neo-Nazi Billy Roper lost his venue – and an associate his job – after he hosted a meeting for his latest White supremacist group at his place of former employment, but at least one of the venues he has for this weekend’s Stormfront Conference is still hosting the event.

An employee at the Beef & Barrel Restaurant & Lounge in Crossville, Tennessee confirmed to One People’s Project that the Conference being held Sept. 29-Oct. 1 will be have a meet and greet there Friday evening at 7PM. According to Roper on his website, this will be an event where they will “discuss in real life ‘Agitation Propaganda’ techniques, pro-White flash mobs, counter-protesting of opposing forces and political candidates’ events, and other proactive tactics in group session settings.” Traditionalist Worker Party founder Matthew Heimbach, David Duke, Knights Party leader Thom Robb, League of the South founder Michael Hill and others are scheduled to speak.

Roper, a former schoolteacher and onetime Membership Coordinator at the neo-Nazi National Alliance, held a meeting of his organization the ShieldWall Network, which is reportedly a chapter of the French neo-Fascist organization Génération Identitaire. The meeting was reported by various antifa groups, most notably Boston Mountains Anti-Racist Action (ARA) , who also published pictures of the meeting. In a public statement found on their Facebook page, owners of the Mean Bean Cafe said that they were assured by employee Kenneth Ellis, who told them it was going to be a “conservative meeting” that extremist activities will not be taking place, and after finding out otherwise since fired Ellis. “Our mistake was trusting an employee, who in hindsight, should not have been trusted. We are appalled that the employee hijacked our business to provide a platform for hate and we absolutely denounce it and all forms of hate.”

The Stormfront Conference is an annual event taking place just outside Knoxville, Tennessee. Stormfront was considered to be the first White supremacist website on the Internet and had been online for over twenty years until in the wake of Charlottesville, the domain registrar pulled the website down after complaints that over 100 murders have been committed over the years by regular posters to the Stormfront discussion board.

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