February 21, 2018

Fight the Fascist Creep Fundraiser Challenge!

Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer

The Pacific Northwest is having some real fashy problems and antifa are working around the clock. Let’s throw some support their way! Rose City Antifa in Portland, Oregon is holding a fundraiser for the National Network of Abortion funds this upcoming Sunday. Let’s make their campaign a success! You can pledge at https://go.rallyup.com/rcapledgechallenge.


 UPDATE: “We’re working on an article that will tally up all the instances, and give a final report. That should be done by the end of the week, we hope! We are still taking pledges until the 12th, thank you for your support!”

On August 6th, Joey Gibson will be hosting yet another rally at Portland’s Waterfront Park. Gibson, whose rhetoric is rapidly descending into paranoid conspiracy theorist word-soup, has taken to calling anti-fascists “terrorfa,” as he attempts to demonize local residents and activists alike by labeling the community’s opposition to his activities as terrorism.

Rose City Antifa is familiar with these tactics. Fascists throughout history have attempted to portray self-defense of the community as the activity of a mob of criminals. They play on fears of extreme political ideologies to drum up support for racist nationalism. They use local activists as targets for their own violent outbursts and military fetishization. Joey Gibson’s August 6th event merely lays bare what we have known all along: these events were never about “freedom of speech.” Rather, they are an attempt to quash local anti-fascist organization and open the door to the fascist creep, which threatens at-risk community members on our city’s streets.

There are many ways of fighting against fascist organization, and Rose City Antifa supports a diversity of tactics in this struggle. In an effort to record the facts about this recent period of fascist-enabling activity among the far-right, and provide educational tools for those new to anti-fascist activism, we will be holding a Fight the Fascist Creep Fundraiser Challenge! We invite you to read, pledge, and follow our analysis of Joey Gibson’s August 6th rally, to document the reality of these carnivals of hate and deception.

How The Challenge Works

We have identified eight different types of fascist-enabling activity that have been seen at Joey Gibson’s previous events and will be live-tweeting them on our account @RoseCityAntifa during the protest. Using our RallyUp crowdfunding campaign, pledge a dollar amount to donate for each instance of this activity that is observed at Joey Gibson’s rally on August 6th. (You can set a maximum donation amount– unfortunately, these far-right events have been known to outdo themselves.) We encourage you to use the platform to pledge anonymously, so that the far-right cannot further their harassment of local activists.

Follow our Twitter account during and after the rally for a live report of what sort of fascist organizing is happening at Waterfront Park on August 6th. After the rally, we will tally up all the instances of these particular activities. Then, RallyUp will collect the pledged amounts and donate them to our chosen cause: the National Network of Abortion Funds. Thank you!

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