February 21, 2018

Of COURSE Michael Savage Would Cite a White Supremacist Website!

Michael Savage

If Michael Savage DIDN’T source American Renaissance in his pathological “leftists are out to get us” shtick (well, there’s some truth to that, but not the way they frame it), we would think he was slipping!

It is less than shocking that radio host Michael Savage, a longtime agitator for the far right, would cite a White Supremacist website to further his notion that a Civil War is brewing for which conservatives must be prepared to fight, but nevertheless it’s curious.

On Thursday, Savage began his syndicated radio program attempting to implicate MSNBC host Rachel Maddow  (who he mockingly refers to as “Rachel Madcow”), in addition to Democrats and the media, in the Alexandria, VA shooting of Republican congressmen and staffers by James T. Hodgkinson who once volunteered on Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and was very outspoken about his liberal views and hatred for Republicans. “I have an interactive map put out by American Renaissance that shows – are you ready for this – the 200 acts of violence and hatred against Donald Trump supporters that have taken place since he declared his candidacy and (House Minority Leader) Nancy Pelosi, Rachel Madcow, Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper and the entire cabal of radical leftists in the media went ballistic, smearing Trump, smearing his voters, smearing you, anyone who voted for Trump.” Savage, despite his onetime belief that freedom of speech should be protected, went on to continue a  theme from the day of the shooting, saying that certain media outlets should be in his words “muzzled” due to their negative reporting on Donald Trump.

Founded in 1990, American Renaissance (AmRen) is a onetime newsletter published by then-Council of Conservative Citizens board member Jared Taylor that promotes separation of the races as well as the notion that Black people are genetically inferior to Whites. Over the past twenty years, AmRen has held several conferences in an attempt to bring White Supremacist ideals within the Washington, DC beltway, but in 2010 hotels began closing their doors to the conference after outrage, and in 2011 when they tried to hold their conference in Charlotte, NC hotels did the same there. In 2012, they began holding those conferences at the Montgomery Bell Park Inn, in Burns, TN, 45 minutes outside of Nashville and have been holding them there ever since, the next one being July 28-30. AmRen is now solely a website, and has promoted Trump’s ascension into politics from his campaign until now, with Taylor himself appearing in robocalls during the campaign urging voters to support him “We don’t need Muslims,” he said in the calls. “We need smart, well-educated White people who will assimilate to our culture.”

Ironically, in the past Savage himself has advocated violence against those he politically opposes. He has called for the killing of millions of Muslims, openly wished he could hang the attorneys that went to Guantanamo Bay to defend detainees there,
“warned” that then-President Barack Obama can only “push the white man only so far” before “you’re going to have a reaction like you’ve never seen” and along those lines, wrote a book warning against a civil war in the future, that the Southern Poverty Law Center suggested actually promoted one.

In 2008, Savage rejected a media pitch by AmRen during that year’s presidential election, however AmRen has since published sound clips and articles by Savage as well as positive articles about him.

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