January 16, 2018

So where did the Nazis’ Favorite Crowdfunding Site Go?

WeSearchr was created because Nazis got tired of getting kicked off GoFundMe, but now it seems it’s been kicked off the internet altogether. And that means the Daily Stormer has problems.


A major alt-right crowdfunding site has gone offline, raising questions about where the money has gone.

Before disappearing from the net WeSearchr.com had raised over $120,000 to support neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer.

WeSearchr.com was an alt-right website which used crowdfunding to pay bounties to people who sent information to the site.

The website had also been raising money to identify the anti-fascist hero who created the most meme-worthy event of 2017.

A Twitter account claiming to belong to former chief technology officer Pax Dickinson claims the server bill has not been paid.

In other posts on social media Dickinson appears to tell users who have donated money they “might have reason for concern”.

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