January 17, 2018

Are We Really a Part of the Rhythm Nation?

It is only a mere coincidence that we are posting this on Janet Jackson’s 51st birthday! 

“If you can convince the lowest White man he’s better than the best Colored man, he won’t even notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, you give him somebody to look down on and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”–President Lyndon B. Johnson

This article is being written on Friday, May 5th. As you all know, plenty can happen in 24 hours. The GOP members in Congress voted to replace The Affordable Health Care Act aka “Obamacare” and replace it with “Trumpcare.” Conservatives complain when it is called that. But let’s be very clear, whether you like the name or not and I really do not care whether you like it or not. You Conservatives can’t deny you own this especially if The Senate passes it and Trump signs it into law. On the same day that Congress voted to get rid of The Affordable Health Care Act, Trump signed an Executive order to allow Churches and religious organization to be allowed to preach politics without the threat of losing their tax-exempt status. Plenty of Christians has complained that their 1st Amendment Rights are being violated. My question is does this applies to ALL religions or just Judaeo Christians? Are Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Wiccans, etc.. being included? Do they have tax exempt status? Preach politics if you want, but then ALL of you should being paying taxes.

Both of these actions on May 4th will do nothing but further divide this country. For decades, the GOP has used our country’s racism, bigotry, and misogyny to show how some people are more valuable than others. “All men are created equal” it seems are just words on a piece of paper to them. The GOP does not want this country united but divided. It helps them to enrich themselves. They also want to enrich corporation, millionaires, and billionaires. The GOP will pollute our air, water and endanger common everyday working people by cutting safety and other regulations. “Profits before people” is their motto, not “all men are created equal.”

My first thought was when all of this was happening, in my mind was paraphrasing the character of Rose from the movie “Titanic.” “You unimaginable bastards.” Yes, folks be concerned about these actions but do not let it distract you from Russiagate.

Whenever you finish, all of this angst from some Whites is nothing but fear of losing their privileged status. The sad part is that the poor and middle-class Whites who voted for Trump have been conned. To me, it is crystal clear that they thought if they support Trump, he would take them back to the “good ole days” of “Mad Men”. It is obvious they willfully ignore the fact that automation is the cause of job loss, not Black and Brown people. I do think that there are some Whites who are awakening to the fact that they have been played. But it is the job of Progressive Whites to talk to them and see if they can reason with them that united we stand. Non-Whites, LGBTs, and other marginalized groups have tried for decades to plead for unity but it falls on deaf ears for the most part. Instead of hearing from us, they need to hear from Progressive Whites.

The only positive things about the GOP running all the branches of government including the Presidency is that now they can’t blame anyone else. They will try of course. Another positive thing I see is the great backlash, resistance, and awakening of the people in this country. For too long, this country got this way because of apathy and complacency. Time and time again the GOP showed us who they are and plenty of us didn’t believe them.

There are 3 people that immediately come to my mind that is trying to strengthen our goal of being a rhythm nation. They are:

1. Lisa Bloom a longtime Civil / Women rights attorney & advocate who brought down FOX’s most popular talk anchor Bill O’ Reilly for sexual harassment & racism.

2. Rashad Robinson an Openly Gay Black man who heads the activist group “Color of Change.” Robinson & his group pressured a lot of businesses to drop their advertisements on Bill O’ Reilly’s show or risk being put on blast and boycotted.

3. Jimmy Kimmel late-night TV talk show host who really put into everyday perspective of how the Affordable Care Act helped saved his infant son who was born with a defective heart. He reached millions of Americans with his emotional story and put it to everyday circumstances. Of course, Jimmy Kimmel did not reach everybody. Former one-term politician and Teabagger Joe Walsh tweeted saying that he doesn’t feel obligated to help Kimmel. Kimmel shot back with like you didn’t feel obligated to pay hundreds of thousands of your child support?

I truly hope that one day that the United States truly becomes united and we find our rhythm. But trying to get along is not a one-way street. Let’s start with the fact that we are ALL equal and no human being is more valuable or superior than another. If you do not believe in that basic concept, then, in my opinion, there is no dealing with you.

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