January 16, 2018

Next on the White Power Chopping Block, Brittany Dier

May 1. 2017: Proud Boy associate Brittany Dier getting arrested for assault.

She calls herself Brittany Venti, but if she wants to run with a violent neo-Fascist group and get arrested for it, she can go by her real name around here. 

NEW YORK, NY – A neo-Fascist who went to Union Square to harass those there observing May Day found herself arrested when she got involved in physical altercations with them.

Brittany Dier, 20, of Brooklyn, who goes by the online screen name “Brittany Venti” was arrested and charged with third degree assault. Video produced by her and posted on her Twitter account shows her and her boyfriend going up to May Day participants and mocking them. When marshalls asked her to leave and stop harassing them, sources say things became physical with her kicking and scratching others. After hitting one person, she was arrested as was the person she hit.

An internet performer within the neo-Fascist circles who reportedly is an associate of the misogynistic group the Proud Boys, Dier’s fan base made the story of her arrest viral, painting her as a victim of antifa while at the same time she began boasting about her assault, and also appearing on Proud Boy founder Gavin McInnes, a Fox News regular who has been regularly championing violence against leftists over the past year. However, the presence of the Proud Boys was orchestrated by a Proud Boy-affiliated Facebook group called Modern Day Patriots who sponsored the action geared toward attacking the May Day event, calling it a “May Day Slay”.

While they claim not to be racist, the Modern Day Patriots posted a video of them getting thrown out of a bar in Harlem, NY after they walked in the establishment wearing Make America Great Again hats and chanting, provoking the predominately black clientele. The bar they went into had no apparent connection to left wing activism the Proud Boys normally target and seemed to be just an establishment that African Americans patronize.

At the time of this posting, it is not known when Dier’s court date is scheduled.

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