January 17, 2018

Convicted Assaulter Jason Kessler’s Sentencing Date Moved to May 8 – So He Could Have Time With Fellow Neo-Fash Assaulters In Berkeley, CA

Awww, isn't this adorable. Kyle Chapman, who has already been arrested twice for rioting in Berkeley, poses with Jason Kessler who was convicted of assault and was scheduled to be sentenced today - but he went to hang with Kyle - we guess to see if he can get arrested again.

Ann Coulter is no longer going to speak, but these idiots will still show – and we guess Kessler doesn’t feel he’s in enough trouble.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – Jason Kessler, the neo-Fascist blogger who was scheduled to be sentenced today after pleading guilty to assaulting someone opposed to his efforts to remove a city official, had his sentencing date moved to May 8 because he was not in the area. Later it was revealed that he was participating in a rally in Berkeley, California to defend conservative commentator Ann Coulter who decided not to speak at the university after pressure mounted on the groups that were sponsoring her. Past rallies had descended into violence and many have viewed this as an effort on the part of neo-Fascists to spark more.

Kessler began posting tweets on Aug. 25 indicating he was in Berkeley and had even done an interview with Kyle Chapman, who has been arrested twice at Berkeley for his role in clashes in separate demonstrations. Although Coulter announced yesterday that she wasn’t speaking at the University of California, Berkeley, Chapman and neo-Fascist activists still plan to come out and rally at Berkeley’s Civic Center Park, anticipating a fight with assembled antifa. Chapman is a part of a group associated with the Proud Boys, a neo-Fascist misogynist group led by Gavin McInnes, who is reported to be participating in this rally as well.

Prosecutors in Charlottesville have said that they only knew Kessler was out of the area, but that the judge never imposed any limitations to his travels. In January, Kessler was collecting signatures for his petition to remove Charlottesville Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy from the Charlottesville City Council when he got into a confrontation with James Taylor, a local resident who then began to exchange heated words with Kessler before Kessler punched him. Earlier this month, Kessler pled guilty to misdemeanor assault.

Kessler has been participating in other events as well, most notably the rally White Supremacist Richard Spencer staged outside the White House where Spencer was glitterbombed presumably by antifa.

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