January 17, 2018

211 Bootbum Has a Day in Court, Next One is June 8

John Young

John Young is to date the only one of a group that was arrested for attacking twin brothers they believed was associated with antifascists groups. And he was pretty much alone in the courtroom too.

211 Bootboys associate John Young, who authorities say was part of a larger group of the neo-Fascist group that attacked two twin brothers outside a bar on Feb. 11 (2/11) was in court today for a routine appearance before his trial.

In today’s proceedings in New York Supreme Court, Judge Michael Obus found no reason to not continue with the case, but while he did not set a trial date he did set another court appearance for Young for June 8. Young appeared in court with only his attorney and an older, grey-haired woman. No other associates of the 211 Bootboys were apparent in the courtroom.

The incident took place outside the Clockwork Bar on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, and authorities allege that Young participated in a gang assault on the two brothers because one had a decal for NYC Antifa affixed to his phone. The 211 Bootboys are known for their far right nationalism which has gone into support for racist and fascist principles despite many of them being persons of color. It is not known if others may be arrested.

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