January 19, 2018

Standing-Room Only at Last Weekend’s ‘Fash Bash Bash’

We had no idea what to expect when we were asked to participate in this, and we were pleasantly surprised!

BROOKLYN, NY – As the video of National Policy Institute’s Dick Spencer and the meme of him getting punched played in a constant loop and a mask of Donald Trump adorned a punch bowl with red punch flowing from its eyes, nose and mouth, hundreds gathered at the Verso Loft to take in movie clips of Nazis getting shot, stabbed and punched in an event called Fash Bash Bash: A Night of Nazi-Punching on Film,

The Fash Bash Bash Punch Bowl.

Sponsored by The New Inquiry, an online cultural magazine, the event was a mini-film festival where presenters introduced clips from films featuring Nazis being beaten or killed. Among the films that were featured were American History X, Indiana Jones, and others including foreign films such as Dead Snow, a 2009 Norwegian splatter film where medical students fight zombie Nazis, and the French film from the same year titled Army of Crime, which told the story of resistance fighters led by Armenian poet Missak Manouchian in Nazi-occupied France. In between clips as they were introduced by the various presenters, the video of Dick Spencer being punched on Inauguration Day in Washington, DC was looped in the background.

“Ultimately, it’s just a film screening,” Ava Kofman, an editor of The New Inquiry, told Voactiv. “There are lots of mainstream American classics and blockbusters [included]. It’s not itself a violent event.”

The event was free although the concern for security was such that it was required that those attending cover the lens of their phone’s cameras with decals before entering and security was also provided at the door. The Bash played to a standing-room only crowd who remained for an after party after the last clip – the finale of the movie V for Vendetta – was played.

There were funds raised for the legal fees of those that were arrested during the Inauguration as well. One People’s Project’s Daryle Lamont Jenkins, who was also one of the presenters, sold OPP items, half the proceeds also going to the legal fund, and The New Inquiry also had items such as an antifa tote bag they sold to raise money.

Fash Bash Bash Video Reel


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