January 16, 2018

Now There’s A Video Game Where You Can Punch Dick Spencer In the Face!

Dick Spencer K.Oed in Punch A Nazi

People are having so much fun at Dick Spencer’s expense!

The schadenfreude from White Supremacist Richard Spencer getting punched on Inauguration Day shows no sign of abating. In addition to the various music videos that were made with the video from the incident, there has been a video game developed where the player can punch a trio of Nazis including Spencer.

Punch A Nazi is a game developed by the entertainment company Super Deluxe who’s website states “is a community of creative weirdos making videos that are (we hope) more substantial than much of what you see on the internet.”  It is an 80s-styled video game where players must connect their phone to the game by visiting a web page and entering an onscreen code. The phone then becomes a controller for the game, allowing players to hold the phone and punch the air in order to virtually beat up not only Spencer but Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos and Adolf Hitler himself.

The game was introduced by Super Deluxe on Feb. 2 via a Facebook livestream. It came almost two weeks after Spencer was punched by an unknown person in Washington, DC as he was giving an interview to the Australian Broadcasting Company on Inauguration Day. The video immediately went viral and turned Spencer from just a prominent White Supremacist to an internet meme. An article on Breitbart slammed the game, saying that “Lumping in Milo — a gay Jew who just weeks ago told students at the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs “White Nationalism Is Not the Answer” — reveals how little the developers know about people that they think deserve maiming.”

Coincidentally, Yiannopoulos has written an article for Breitbart that many say amounted to a fluff piece for the so-called “alt-right”, and Spencer even attended a party he threw during the Republican Convention in Cleveland last summer.

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