January 16, 2018

Chicago Neo-Folk Show Featuring Neo-Fascist Bands Shut Down

Chicago antifascists celebrating victory outside the Beat Kitchen in Chicago, the venue where the bands were to perform.

Fascist bands are still having a hard time of it!

From South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action

On the weekend of December 16 and 17, 2017, Neofolk band King Dude was scheduled to play several shows throughout the Midwest along their recent tour with known Neofascist bands, Blood and Sun (lead by Luke Roswell Tromiczak), as well as Et Nihil. In a coordinated effort across several states, they were met with resistance in Minneapolis, Milwaukee and, in anticipation of direct confrontation in Chicago, they were finally compelled to cancel their remaining shows and crawl back to their homes. Enclosed is a statement from some of the Antifa groups in Chicago who were stood up by the cowardly fascists outside of The Beat Kitchen in Chicago, the venue they were set to play that Saturday night.

Let’s make it clear! 

We are not art critics, we are anti-fascists. Neo-Folk is not a strictly fascist music scene. Paganism is NOT fascist. Assatru is NOT fascist. Heathenism is NOT fascist. That being said, Wotanism IS a fascist bastardization of those ideas.

Pictured here is Luke(right) from Blood and Sun. Luke has a tattoo emblazoned on his chest supporting the insanity of documented racist and fascist David Lane. Luke has been photographed with his arm around documented Neo-fascist and white supremacist militia member Robert Taylor.

Unfortunately, as with other music scenes, fascists and racists make attempts to co-opt and infiltrate in order to shape those communities to their liking.

By not confronting and rejecting known fascists in your scene you are defacto giving them your solidarity. By acknowledging and allowing space for Blood and Sun as artists you are acknowledging that fascists and Wotanism have value in your scene and community. Luke and other bands and artists are crypto fascists who attempt to be somewhat under the radar with their actual fascist ideologies under the guise of art and free expression. Their success is measured in involving and indoctrinated many young and impressionable white music goers seeking belonging and connection to their ancestry. There is nothing wrong with getting to know your roots and seeking an alternative to a hallow culture in the United States that is based in racism and white supremacy and transcended to include empty consumerism and what….sitcoms?

The rise of fascist inspired werewolf workout clubs, the writings of misogynist and racist Jack Donovon or other alt-right shills, the election of Donald Trump are all serious signs that a neo-fascist movement in the United States in on the rise. These people and groups will not provide you with any real answers or ideas, but only hatred and xenophobia. You weren’t a fascist before, but they have started making you into one and you didn’t even realize. This is the true danger of allowing acts like these to perform and espouse their neo-fascist ideologies. Their music set isn’t simply an expression of art, but a platform to inspire organized fascist groupings and recruit into those already existing.

These violent delights have violent ends. Blood and Sun are from this point forward banned from
Chicago. They will not be allowed to perform unchecked. Fascists attempting to take part in the Neo-Folk scene in Chicago are hereby put on notice that your presence will not be tolerated any longer. Southside Anti-Racist Action, Torch Antifa Network,(other groups)intend to take the fight to you in order to defend our communities. We fight to win!

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