January 16, 2018

BREAKING: Gavin McInnes is Threatening to Crash Band’s Show in Brooklyn Tonight

Antifa are there now, but as far as we know Gavin and his crew isn’t. Regardless, this is getting old with Gavin, so let’s just hope he isn’t stupid enough to make THIS move! UPDATE: He wasn’t. They never showed up!

BROOKLYN – Antifa are mobilizing at a club in anticipation neo-Fascist Gavin McInness, the co-founder of Vice Magazine and regular contributor to Fox News, and his crew of what he calls the “Proudboys” will attempt to attack a band scheduled to perform a free concert there after what looked to be threats from McInness to do so appeared online.

On Thursday, McInness made a post to his “Proudboys” Facebook page regarding the band Pink Mass, naming them as an antifa band that was responsible for some of his members losing their jobs because of their activities. “NYPBs (New York Proudboys) there is an antifa band called Pink (something) playing tomorrow night at st viateur (15’ from our meetings),” the post read, referring to Saint Vitus at 1120 Manhattan Avenue, which is near where the Proudboys regularly meet. Let’s wreck their shit!”

McInness followed this post up with another reading, “These are the faggots who called our employers.”

McInness has also posted on Twitter about Pink Mass referring to them as “antifa” that are “getting people fired”.

McInness’ obsession with Pink Mass stems from the series of articles on the NYC Antifa page titled “New York’s Alt-Right” that names several members of the “Proudboys”. McInness erroneously believes that Pink Mass is associated with those who have written the article.

McInness has cheered on and has even participated in violent acts towards activists opposing him. In October, he and others from the “Proudboy” group threw a protester out of a neo-Fascist art show put on by a group called “Twinks4Trump” that featured artwork done by persons such as conservative propagandist James O’Keefe, Martin Shkreli, the hedge fund manager who bought a popular AIDS treatment drug and raised its price 5000%, and Brietbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos. In the process, McInnes intentionally smashed the person’s phone when he went to retrieve it.

In October, Fox News told One People’s Project that McInnes had not appeared on the network in some time, but days later he was on Fox’s Red Eye late night program.

At press time, it is not known if McInnes made good on his threat.

Reportback 12/31/2016: Last night Gavin McInnes told every antifascist in New York City that they had to be at St Vitus bar for a queer punk show because he was gonna be there too, with his crew, to fuck shit up. We were there, our crew was at least 40 deep, but it was hard to tell because the show was packed and everyone there was aware of the threat and ready to defend against the boneheads. The Proud Boys never showed face. We all hung out, reconnected, recruited, swapped credentials with other AFA groups in the city, and saw some awesome fucking bands play. After the show, someone put Antifa Hooligans on the jukebox and the bar sang along. It was good to see everyone and make new anti-racist friends as we head into the new year. So, thanks Gavin.

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