January 16, 2018

Twink$4Trump and Their Pseudo Art Show or #DaddyWillSaveUs

We would like to start off this post by making a clear statement: we are perfectly aware how hard the LGBTQ community has fought against the stigmas and myths they are labeled with. Fighting against the false claim that being gay means being a pedophile has been one of the hardest battles the gay community has had to face while trying to be accepted and respected members of society. These false claims have been debunked over and over again while still going up against false studies and claims to keep the pedophile label stamped over them to prevent them from getting teaching positions, adopting children and receiving the dignity they deserve.

Enter Milo and his friends. While they are making a big show of fighting for “gay rights” it appears what they are actually doing is everything they can to reinforce the false stereotypes we all thought were finally put to rest.

One of the purposes of this post is to try to expose what Milo and friends are doing to harm the gay community.

Which brings us to the motivating factor for this post, the “Daddy Will Save Us” / “Twinks4Trump” art show on Saturday October 8, 2016 : In case anyone is interested in the full, uncut livestream video of the Daddy Will Save Us “art” show, we were able to get it before it was cut up and edited. You can find it here on Pirate Bay.

There are so many disturbing levels to this story. The content, the intent, the execution of this staged “art show” is way beyond what is acceptable in the political arena. READ MORE HERE

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