January 16, 2018

Next on the White Power Chopping Block: Derik Punneo

The reputed Golden State “Skinheads” member that was seen in pictures attacking antifa in Sacramento during a rally back in June is now facing charges of spousal battery.


EL DORADO COUNTY, CA – A reputed member of the Golden State “Skinheads” (GSS) who had been identified by activists as one of those who stabbed antifa counter-protesting a Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) rally in Sacramento in June is currently in jail following an arrest on domestic violence charges and possible violation.

According to a record from the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office, Derik Ryan Punneo, 26 has been in custody since Aug. 24. He is scheduled to be in court for a bail hearing on Sept. 2, and again on Sept. 9 before his Sept. 13 trial. He is charged with spousal battery, but because he is also a convicted felon it may be revocation of his parole.

According to the blog It’s Going Down, Punneo was identified in photographs as the knife-wielding neo-Nazi that was part of the group that attacked antifa after they disrupted the rally that the GSS and TWP organized in Sacraemento on June 26. Several antifa were stabbed and a few of the neo-Nazis suffered head injuries and stabbings as well. Punneo reportedly works with the Bricklayers Union at UC Davis.

In early August, Punneo generated more outrage when he was spotlighted in a news story about a group in Folsom, CA calling itself the “Blue Crew” that supported local law enforcement by tying blue ribbons on trees in the neighborhood. Within days, Punneo was completely removed from the article, it now noting that the earlier version “included quotes from sources who may have misrepresented themselves”. It is not known if any other Blue Crew associates are in fact affiliated with any hate groups.

The Traditionalist Worker Party was founded by Matthew Heimbach, a neo-Nazi that has made himself particularly prominent over the past five years, most notably as one of the persons during a rally for Donald Trump in Louisville, KY in March that roughed up a Black woman protesting the event. He and two others were charged in July.

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  1. What was he on parole for? Anyone know? I had heard he’d been arrested for attempted rape but I didn’t think it had gone to court.

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