January 17, 2018

Democratic National Convention – Conclusion: Nazis Not Welcome in Philly!

Matt Forney, covering the Democratic National Convention for a White Supremacist podcast, is asked to leave by antifa on July 28, 2016.

Both conventions are now over, and the boneheads can go home, but not before we say good bye to one special character who made us laugh these past two weeks!


PHILADELPHIA – The final day of the Democratic National Convention saw Hillary Clinton, a former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State, become the first woman to capture the nomination of either the Democratic or Republican Party to be President of the United States. While other American political parties have done so for over the past century, this is considered the first time for a major political party.

While that was still a historic moment, the fact that it came courtesy of an unpopular candidate still brought out many opposed to the Democrats, particularly those that supported Senator Bernie Sanders. As they did all week, they gathered in Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park, just across from the Wells Fargo Center where the convention was being held. On Wednesday and Thursday, speeches and performances were made by notables such as Jill Stein the presumptive presidential nominee for the Green Party, actress Susan Sarandon and actor Danny Glover. Meanwhile, Men’s Rights Activist and White Supremacist Matt Forney was there to cover it for the White Supremacist podcast Red Ice, which did not go unnoticed by antifa that were in the park, and for the second time this week he was literally ran off.

Video from both Forney and the antifa themselves show Forney being confronted by antifa and called out as a Nazi despite his denials and assertions that he is nothing more than a journalist. No one attempted to physically assault him, although he proceeded to hide behind police and eventually run up Broad Street and enter the Oregon Ave. Station, ironically only blocks away from where One People’s Project was once based.

Forney, who has in the past boastingly posted and tweeted whenever he has been able to cover events without being detected by antifa or others that might oppose him, was confronted only days before by antifa as he covered the Black Resistance march. Last week in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention, he was so spooked by antifa that at one time he reported that he was going to keep away from the protesters for the duration of the week.

Forney’s departure from the DNC seemed a rather symbolic way to end the week as inside the convention Thursday evening was a complete rejection from speaker after speaker of the hate politics that Republican nominee Donald Trump has been promoting over the past year and a half. Now that both major party nominees have been selected, the campaign towards the general election begins, and how much the neo-Fascists make themselves a part of that campaign remains to be seen. It is apparent however that no matter how much they inject themselves into Donald Trump’s bid to become President, they will be met.

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