February 21, 2018

Republican National Convention Day 2: Alex Jones Meets Antifa – The Hard Way

Jones was chased back to his car after he got into a little scuffle with antifa – and that was just one event for the day. UPDATE: We changed the article to reflect that it was members of International Workers of the World that Jones had the initial scuffle with.

CLEVELAND, OH – The second day of the Republican National Convention saw the official nomination of Donald J. Trump as Republican Candidate for President of the United States, while outside the rallies and events continued, as well as the verbal sparring between protesters and Trump supporters. Not all of it was verbal, however.

When conspiracy theorist and Trump supporter Alex Jones went to Public Square to stage a speech, he was met by a number of antifa who shouted him down. Things escalated when Jones got into a scuffle with members of International Workers of the World (IWW) when he tried to push through the crowd with a megaphone taunting them with insults like “dirty communists and globalist scumbags”. Police protected him as he literally ran back to his vehicle with the crowd chanting “Nazi scum!” back at him.  Conservative propagandist James O’Keefe was one of the persons that was there during the scene. No arrests were made.

The White Supremacists still continued to be present in town, as just before Jones came to Public Square, National Policy Institute’s Richard Spencer stood holding a sign reading “Talk to a racist”. He left after an exchange with One People’s Project’s Daryle Lamont Jenkins saying he had to go to a cocktail party, but later returned with Nathan Damingo, of Identity Evropa, formerly the National Youth Front.

The day started off at a free event sponsored by the American Conservative Union and the National Rifle Association at Cibreo Italian Kitchen that featured two panels, one titled “Will Conservatives Support Trump?” and “Can We Reverse the Obama Imperial Presidency?” After a lunch, a surprise speaker was introduced by NRA Executive Director Chris Cox – Trump running mate and Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Pence took time out to praise Former President Ronald Reagan and compare him to Trump, saying Reagan had “unshakable faith in the capacity of the American people to achieve greatness and astound the world.”

“I hear it and I see it in the man I think will be the next president of the United States,” he said referring to Trump.

Pence will speak to the Convention tonight as he accepts the nomination for him to be Vice-President.

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  1. It was actually a contingent of the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World- the “wobblies”) that was involved in the Jones confrontation, not an antifa bloc.

    We changed the article to reflect that.

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