February 21, 2018

LGBT Community, Supporters United in One Hate-Filled Sunday.

We think it’s important to provide some inspiration on this tragic day.

In the early morning hours of Sunday, June 12, 2016 50 persons in a LGBT night club in Orlando, Florida lost their lives in what is being called the worst mass shooting in American history. The shooter was a 29-year-old Afghani-American named Omar Mateen, who despite being born in America reportedly had Islamic extremist leanings. He was killed at the scene.

Just hours after that tragic shooting, a man was arrested when he was found with weapons and explosives in his car. The man, who at press time, has only been identified as a White man with Indiana plates on his car, said he was in town for the LA Pride event.

Meanwhile in Kiev, Ukraine, the first major LGBT event in that city saw thousands of participants despite threats from neo-Nazis and other far right groups that threatened “rivers of blood” running through the streets should it take place. In years past, LGBT events had to be called off because of similar threats and police refusing to protect the participants. Last year, the event was attacked by far-rightists, leaving several people injured, including police officers.

In just the few hours since these events, the LGBT community have grown increasingly concerned about safety and of a climate that would allow such violence directed towards their community. Indeed, there has been several messages by hatemongers on social networks cheering on such attacks. However, the LGBT community and those who support the community have also been firing back with their own messages of inspiration. In response to Texas Lt. Gov Dan Patrick’s tweet where he told the LGBT community in the wake of the Orlando shooting, “You reap what you sow,” The Walking Dead’s Michael Cudlitz responded with a tweet of his own:

And there were more Tweets of support:

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