January 19, 2018

Next on the White Power Chopping Block: Greg Withrow

Gregory Withrow

If you know that name, you are old for one thing, and for another with a racist rally about to take place in his town, this literal imbred just makes things cornier.

SACRAMENTO, CA – A White Supremacist who gained fame in the 1980s when he left the neo-Nazi scene and was allegedly attacked for it by being nailed to a plank of wood, only to return to the scene in 2000 claiming he was infiltrating anti-racists for over a decade, was arrested during an investigation that showed he was distributing flyers that called for the killings of Muslims and Hispanics.

Gregory Withrow, 55 of Oroville, was arrested on a probation violation and booked into the Butte County Jail on Monday, according to the Sacramento Bee. The racist leaflets targeting Muslims and Latinos, and emblazoned with the logo of the fascist Greek organization Golden Dawn were found the morning of May 3 on the windshields of cars, and the Sacramento police and FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, determined that Withrow was responsible for the production and distribution of the fliers, according to a Police Department news release. While investigators concluded that the content of the fliers did not violate the law, it did determine that Withrow was operating outside of the Post Release Community Supervision conditions imposed upon him, resulting in his arrest.

gregwithrowThe only son of first cousins who got married when his mother was pregnant, Withrow has been involved in White Supremacist activity since age 14 when he reportedly joined the Ku Klux Klan. He became a close associate of Tom Metzger and his group White Aryan Resistance (W.A.R.) after he started a White Student Union at his college. He eventually started the Aryan Youth Movement, the youth wing of W.A.R., and became a prominent speaker and activist for several years within White Power circles until 1987 when he left the scene after his father died and fell in love with a woman whose family members fled Nazi Germany. He made national news after he was attacked by his former colleagues for leaving the movement and nailed to a cross, becoming an advocate for anti-racist efforts, appearing on shows like Donahue and the Oprah Winfrey show and even testifying in at a California legislative hearing on proposed hate crime laws that were eventually passed.

In 2000 after a series of events which included run-ins with the law and an altercation with his Hispanic wife, Withrow went back into White Power circles, claiming that over the past decade he was actually a mole for neo-Nazis and that the 1987 attack was a hoax and that even his marriage was part of his plan. In 2005 he was arrested for staging another crucifixion to protest the government policy on immigration and Iraq as well as to call for the release of Aryan political prisoners and to “spread ideas of racism and atheism.”

Withrow’s arrest comes just as it was announced that the Traditionalist Workers Party is planning a what is being promoted as an “anti-antifa” rally in Sacramento on June 26.

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