January 19, 2018

‘I AM NOT INTERESTED IN THEIR HUMANITY. I AM INTERESTED IN THEIR DEFEAT!’ Tim Wise throws down on Donald Trump and his hate movement

Donald Trump said a few days ago that there used to be consequences for protesting. Well, he learned this weekend his hate has consequences. Tim Wise spells it out.

Six months ago, when Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders saw his rally taken over by two women associated with Black Lives Matter, Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump called it a disgrace that Sanders would let that happen. ““I would never give up my microphone. I thought that was disgusting,” he said. “That showed such weakness.” He then vowed that it will never happen at any of his rallies.

“I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will, but that was a disgrace,” he said. The way they — I felt badly for him, but it showed that he’s weak. You know what, he’s getting the biggest crowds and I’m getting the biggest crowds. We’re the two getting the crowds,” Trump said. “But believe me that’s not gonna happen to Trump.”

This weekend, it did happen to Trump.

After months of protests against his racist bomb-throwing and the assaults on protestors by Trump supporters at his rallies, when the billionaire real estate developer thought he was going to bring his act to Chicago, the opposition was such that it caused him to shut down the entire rally and within 24 hours the tide began to turn on Trump who has seen popularity among his conservative base, but absolute scorn from those outside those circles, and they began to join the battle against his efforts to become the next President of the United States.

Over the weekend, Trump was protested time and time again at his rallies in Dayton, Cleveland and Kansas City. Trump was also discussed on several news programs with many Republicans vowing never to support him. Trump however not only stood his ground against the charges that he is encouraging the violence and racism at his rallies, but pushed the envelope even further by accusing Bernie Sanders of sparking the violence at the aborted Chicago rally and threatening in a tweet to send his supporters to a Sanders rally in retaliation. The Chicago rally was what anti-racist activist and speaker Tim Wise used as a backdrop to pen a powerful statement about how Trump and his supporters must be defeated and without hesitation. On Sunday, he posted this on his Facebook page:

The Trump rally in Chicago was NOT shut down because of protesters. I have friends who were there… The protesters were calm and orderly and when the event got canceled it was the Trump assholes who got violent… They were throwing the n word around and Islamophobic slurs… Because that’s who these people are: fascists and racists who must be politically devastated. No mercy, and no compromise. They must lose badly…we can try and bring them to a different understanding later. Right now they just have to lose: I am not interested in their humanity. I am interested in their defeat. The lives of people of color mean more to me than the sensibilities and fragility and feels of white people who can’t deal with a non-hegemonic existence. Sorry, time to grow up…

At the time of this posting an anti-Trump rally is being held in New York City, and there are plans to mobilize against other Trump rallies across the country, even those that haven’t been announced yet.

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