January 16, 2018

(VIDEO) Racist Exchange During Pa. Anti-Fracking Protest Goes Viral

Oh, we will SO get to know THIS guy!

The now-unemployed John J. Pisone

UPDATE 12/29/15: Idavox was able to speak to a representative of Rex Energy who said that the racist person in the video is not an employee of Rex Energy nor an independent contractor for them. They also say they are trying to learn who he is.

MARS, PA – Anti-fracking protesters were met by someone last week who launched into a racist tirade against a Black man among them – who was recording the entire exchange on video.

The group was protesting Rex Energy’s drilling operation in Butler County when someone walked up and started berating him, and in addition to accusing them of not having jobs, began calling videographer Tom Jefferson a “chimp” and the N-word, punctuating his comments with monkey sounds. “I was photographing a peaceful protest aimed at Rex Energy in Mars, Pa, At one point during the day a worker showed up. He started by insulting the protesters. Then he turned his attention to me. I just let him talk and kept the camera rolling.” The person says in the video that was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday he probably has seen only ten Black persons in his entire life.

It is not known if the person actually works for Rex Energy, but according to Revolution News he did note that he was rained out of work that day.

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