January 17, 2018

Heath Campbell is Still Out There, and His Wife Wants to Keep it That Way

It's more about the stupid than the Nazism at this point.

Heath Campbell


Heath Campbell, the neo-Nazi who is best known for giving his children Nazi-inspired names a few years ago, is still on the run from an assault charge in New Jersey, and his wife, the woman he is suspected of assaulting, is trying to get the charges dropped, saying she lied about the incident.

According to NJ.com, Bethanie Zito said Friday that she’s tried to retract her statements that Campbell assaulted her and have the charges, but officials won’t let her. “An officer from the department interviewed her, and based on her injuries and her statements, the officer called a judge and got a warrant,” said Holland Police Sgt. Sean Gutsick.

Zito is now saying the injuries happened when he left after an argument and she was mad at him so she went to work in a shed. While in there she says she was throwing things around, and a shelf held up by a few nails fell on her, cutting her face. She was still so angry at Campbell that she called the police claiming he struck her.

Campbell is listed as one of Hunterdon County’s most wanted on the Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office’s website, and Gutsick said that Campbell will remain wanted until he turns himself in or gets caught. “We have to get his side of the story,” Gutsick said. “And we have to be convinced that she wasn’t coerced into saying this now.”

Once in custody, prosecutors say Zito will have to tell the judge that she lied and accept the consequences that go with filing a false police report. Zito, who says Campbell ran off to California, says she plans to do that. “They read me my rights and said they were going to arrest me,” she said. “I said, ‘I don’t care.’ I’m not going to send an innocent man to jail.

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