January 17, 2018

Militia-Supporting Gunman Arrested Without Incident at Arkansas State University

We are happy to say no one was hurt and killed in what could have been the latest tragic scene, and given his political leanings, the right are happy too, no doubt.

Brad Bartelt
Mugshot of Brad Bartelt

JONESBORO, AR – A gunman whose Facebook page boasts support for far right positions as well as a possible threat toward Arkansas State University was arrested today on the ASU campus where he was seen driving and brandishing a shotgun

Bartelt Truck
Video still of Bartelt in his truck.

Bradley Kenneth Bartelt, 47 of Jonesboro was taken into custody without any shots being fired or any injuries after students called about someone driving onto the lawn of the Student Union in his pickup, which had a U.S. Flag flying behind it and a Gadsen flag draped on its hood, before stepping out holding a shotgun. According to ABC News, in addition to the shotgun, police say Bartelt had a can of gasoline, and a propane tank. At one point, Bartelt poured gas on truck and held the shotgun under his chin, threatening to harm himself, according to police. After negotiators were brought in, Bartelt surrendered and was charged with aggravated assault.

Bartelt Post
The controversial Facebook posting.

At the time of his arrest, police were investigating a Facebook posting he made on Dec. 9 and are still trying to determine if it was a threat. In it, he expressed being suicidal and homicidal stemming from a 2012 accident at ASU Newport where he was a former student, accusing the school and federal official of misconduct and civil rights violations. “This story is True, Documented and does not need to covered up, but put into the Light,” he wrote. “MY DEATH should not and will not end the TRUTH!!! I already died twice as result of accident, if necessary let my last DEATH be for a purpose!!! Let the TRUTH and JUSTICE be shown. IF NOT IN THIS LIFE, SURELY IN THE NEXT! GOD BLESS n PROTECT US ALL!!!”

According to an incident report, two officers were dispatched to Bartelt’s home and they were told that Bartelt “was already seeking medical assistance.” Bartelt’s Facebook page also has posts supporting the militia movement, Christian Right causes such as prayer in schools, and the Confederate flag.

During a press conference, ASU Chancellor Tim Hudson said during a 5 p.m. news conference that “there is no continuing danger” on campus after Bartelt was arrested. “The Arkansas State community remains strong and we’re safe thanks in large part to the quick action and cooperation of our law enforcement officers and safety personnel,” he said.

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