January 16, 2018

Nope, Craig Cobb Can’t Do His Whites-Only Homeland in Nebraska Either

Keep it up, Craig, keep it up. You're on borrowed time with this crap.

Craig Cobb

WEBSTER COUNTY, NE – Community members in two small towns recently thwarted an attempt by White supremacist Craig Cobb to purchase properties there by paying off the delinquent taxes and fees dismissing the foreclosures Cobb was using to take control of them in the latest attempt to create an all-white enclave in America, a move that has made him nationally known when he attempted this effort three years ago in Leith, North Dakota.

According to the Journal Star, Cobb bought tax liens on the properties at a sheriff’s sale in late September, paying $125 for two properties in Red Cloud and $3,410 for one in Inavale. If the taxes remained unpaid, he could have foreclosed and taken possession.

Red Cloud, where author Willa Cather lived for much of her childhood, has a population of just over 1,000, while Inavale’s population is 107.

“It is my personal belief that his ideology would corrupt, pervert and severely diminish the high quality of life we are lucky enough to experience here in Red Cloud,” Red Cloud Heritage and Tourism Director Jarrod McCartney said in an email to the Journal Star.

Cobb has attempted to create whites-only enclaves several times in the past. In 2006, he moved to the small nation of Estonia and bought property which he promptly named Whiteland in the hopes of making it an international center for Whites trying to flee the lands they were from. After several run-ins with the law, Cobb was deported, reportedly the first U.S. citizen to be deported from Estonia. After ending up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and then Montana, Cobb surfaced again in Leith, North Dakota where in 2013 he purchased land in an attempt to create a Whites-only community there. It failed after he and a supporter were arrested for making terroristic threats and after taking a plea deal was sentenced to four years probation and ordered to stay away from Leith, where his properties were eventually sold. The story about the situation in this small town was the subject of a new documentary Welcome to Leith,

Cobb, a supporter of billionaire developer and presidential candidate Donald Trump, took to the neo-Nazi website Stormfront to accuse officials in Webster County of a criminal conspiracy to block him from purchasing homes there, saying he is going to file legal papers calling for an investigation. “Of course, under the corrupt Obama admin., no point in complaining,” he posted. “However, I can prepare a well-documented packet, probably, by then, backed up by the state atorney general and have it in D.C. on the very first, second or third day of President Trump’s administration.

The town of Antler, North Dakota also purchased homes that Cobb was looking to buy there. He had hoped that once he was successful in doing so, he could rename the town after Donald Trump.

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