January 19, 2018

‘Nazi Dad’ Heath Campbell Wanted for Aggravated Assault

This guy is so stupid, we are actually surprised they didn't catch him by the time we finished posting this!

HOLLAND TWP., NJ – Holland Township Police has issued an arrest warrant for Isidore Heath Campbell, the neo-Nazi that is best known for giving his children names that pay tribute to his beliefs.

According to a post on the Holland Township Police Facebook Page, Campbell, 42, has been charged with aggravated assault. The post notes that Campbell resides in Holland Township, but in recent years he has been seen more often in nearby Easton, PA.

Campbell gained national attention in December 2008 when a local Shop Rite supermarket refused to write his son’s then-name “Adolf Hitler Campbell” name on a cake for his third birthday. He and his then-wife Deborah complained the refusal constituted discrimination. Since then, Adolf Hitler Campbell and his siblings JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honzlynn Jeannie Campbell have been placed in foster care by the state because of the alleged violence in the family’s home, and their names have been changed. The state has disallowed any parental rights to Campbell, who is the father of nine children, and has even taken children away from him as soon they were born. Campbell had also joined the National Socialist Movement and was among several NSM members that tried to attack a group of protesters outside an NSM conference in Pemberton, NJ in 2010. He has since claimed he was a member of a group called Hitler’s Order.

Court papers say that Campbell refused to comply with an order that he seek counseling because “the psychologist was Jewish.”

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