January 16, 2018

National Youth Front: Forced to Change Name, Angelo John Gage is Out as Chairman & the New Guy is an Ex-Con With a Hell of a Story

Angelo John Gage (pictured) is still active, but he says he pulling back to take care of his growing family. Just the latest in a series of setbacks for the group, and we are sure they will continue!

Angelo John Gage, NYF

Angelo John Gage, the Chairman of the White supremacist National Youth Front, has stepped down from that position amid a series of misfortunes from the group, which included having their fundraising sites shut down to a threat of a lawsuit if they did not change their name.

In a video titled “Bye Bye, Mr. Chairman,” Gage said that he was stepping down to focus more on the baby he and his wife were expecting. “My wife is about three weeks away from giving birth to my first born, my first son, and I want to make sure that I focus my energy on, you know, being a father,” he said in the video. “And I’ve focused way too much energy in the last nine months on National Youth Front – or the group formerly known as the National Youth Front.”

Gage also said Nathan Damigo, who as then-vice Chairman had asked him to take the position instead of him after the first one Caleb Shumaker was forced out for being in an interracial relationship, wants to step into the role himself. Damigo is an Iraq War veteran who served time in prison for an November 2007 incident in La Mesa, CA where he pulled a gun on a taxi driver. As  the incident was attributed to  post traumatic stress disorder, Damigo’s story appeared in War Torn 1861-2010, the HBO documentary produced by late Sopranos actor James Gandolfini on that issue.

In recent months, the National Youth Front has had a series of setbacks. First their effort to raise money for a printer via GoFundMe was scuttled after complaints to the fundraising website regarding the nature of the campaign. When they moved to another fundraising site Indiegogo, They were again shut down after Damigo boasted about the move and referred to Indiegogo as their “Pro-White Partners”. On Oct. 11, Damigo wrote on the NYF website that a lawyer representing an organization called Youthfront, Inc. threatened to sue them for damages if it continued to use the name “National Youth Front”. Fearing the damages such a lawsuit could do to the organization, they have temporarily changed their name to The Dispossessed – which ironically is also the name of an 80s post punk band from Hartford, Connecticut.

Gage says that even though he is stepping down as Chairman, he is still going to remain active in “I have other things that I’m working on that I’m gonna get into later on,” he said.

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