February 21, 2018

Pennsylvania Benefit for Neo-Nazi 86’ed By Venue

New Nation Productions has been out there putting on some really dodgy shows. Enough of that crap.

New Nation Productions

Update, 10/14/2015: The singer of two of the bands slated to perform, Coffin Spell and Jaw Horse, has posted a statement on their position in the comments section. We should say for our part that there is nothing that says that any of the bands are down with the philosophies of New Nation Productions or Martin Cox, and we don’t feel that any of the bands should be taken to task for what looks like nothing more than just a chance to play out. It is unfortunate that decent bands get swept up in this kind of thing, but the only way this can stop is if people start going after the promoters and others in the music scene that keep trying to sneak hate politics into the scenes out there.

SHAMOKIN, PA – A venue in this upstate Pennsylvania town canceled a benefit show planned there for Nov. 14 when it learned Saturday evening that it was to raise money for neo-Nazi Marin Cox and that the promoter had associations with neo-Nazis, notably the Keystone State “Skinheads” (KSS).

The show was promoted two months ago on the Facebook page of New Nation Productions in a post that announced three bands to perform, Coffin Spell, Geniverse, and Jaw Horse, and that it would be in Shamokin, but not mentioning where. Not long after, one of the bands posted a flyer for the show, which was called “Rock Out With Your Heart Out”, that noted the venue and two more bands that were to perform, Hate to Say It and the Martian Conspiracy Theory. All the bands are from Pennsylvania, and it is not known if they were aware of the nature of the show, although some of them have performed at New Nation-sponsored shows in the past.

Justin Gloseck
Neo-Nazi Justin Gloseck of New Nation Production

On their Facebook page, New Nation Productions touts itself as “a purveyor of white rights,” and has been promoting shows in Northeast Pennsylvania over the past year. In an interview on the KSS website, New Nation promoter Justin Gloseck said the outfit is a non-profit organization specifically to promote shows under under the Rock Against Communism (RAC) banner, which was a campaign launched in 1978 by the National Front, a neo-Nazi organization in the UK, to counter the Rock Against Racism organization with something that championed neo-fascist politics. RAC shows featured bands that shared those views, among them Skrewdriver, No Remorse and Bound for Glory, and has continued on the campaign in recent years, adding to their efforts Rock Against Islam.

“NNP got started when New Nation founding father, Brian “Herbie”, and I were sitting down talking about an RAC event coming up,” Gloseck said. “We discussed the facts that rac shows are a dying breed. After deciding that we needed a “show – thrower” in the scene, New Nation productions was born.”

Martin Cox is a neo-Nazi who performed in at least two RAC bands, Final War and Youngland, both of them also associated with the Hammerskin Nation, a neo-Nazi gang that has a staple in White racist circles for over 30 years. In August 2012, one of Cox’s bandmates in Youngland, Wade Michael Page, shot and killed six people in a Sikh temple in Wisconsin before turning the gun on himself. In recent years, Cox’s health has been failing and supporters have attempted to raise money [http://onepeoplesproject.com/index.php/news/us/1468-last-days-of-a-bonehead-martin-cox-is-checking-out] so he can receive a heart transplant, but it is not certain if those efforts will be enough to reach the goal.

Owners of the venue, which will not be identified by Idavox, were outraged when they learned their establishment was going to be the site of such an event. According to one owner, Gloseck was working there as a temporary worker when he asked if he could hold a benefit show there in November for approximately 50 people, but he never said who or what the benefit was for, and while it was on the calendar, nothing more was said about the event until One People’s Project contacted the venue, and upon learning its nature, they immediately canceled the show. “He took advantage of my kindness,” the owner said. Shame on him.”

Gloseck also promoted this show under the name Outlaw Booking & Sound, and has another promotion company, Peace Metal Productions, that books more mainstream shows.


  1. Hi there! I just want to mention that the BANDS who were booked to play this have NO SYMPATHIES to any bigots or racists, and we were unaware of the subject of this benefit. We were just told it was for someone who needed a heart transplant.

  2. In fact, would the author of this article (apparently ADMIN…odd name) please get in touch with me if you have any questions. Im in one of the bands that was supposed to play.

  3. I am the vocalist for two of the bands who were going to play, Coffin Spell and Jaw Horse. I also am the one who made the poster for the event and asked Martian Conspiracy Theory to play.

    I was asked if my bands would be willing to play a benefit show for someone who needed a heart transplant. Both of my bands said yes and I extended the invitation to our good friends who also said yes.

    When I was given information for the flyer I was given the name of Martin Cox but assumed he was a local guy. I was also told that the promotion company Gloseck was working with was Outlaw Booking & Sound. I made the poster and even worried that it might be a little morbid for something called “Rock Out With Your Heart Out” which I thought would be a community event.

    I was not invited to the event page or perhaps I ignored it because at the time it was three months away and there wasn’t even a solid lineup yet and both of my bands had shows and other obligations coming up way before then.

    Nobody I’m aware of in either of my bands or in our friends band knew what we had signed up for as I was the one that got us all into this mess. It never occurred to me to Google the person the show was trying to help out. No reference to “New Nation Productions” or the KSS or RAC were ever made to us or we certainly wouldn’t have agreed to perform.

    We feel that we were purposely deceived in an attempt to legitimize their cause, and as angry as I am about that, I am also quite perturbed that there was no effort made to contact any of the bands before the posting of this article.

    I feel that you could have made it a part of your article that the shithead racists duped the bands. This could help bring to light some of their tactics. Instead it seems to be insinuated that the bands may have been sympathetic to the cause, and I don’t think that is fair.

    Both of my bands and Martian Conspiracy Theory are meeting this week to decide what we want to do about this situation moving forward.

  4. I’m releasing this on behalf of Peace Metal Productions. We do NOT, I repeat, DO NO condone any racist or hateful activities. Nor do we appreciate your slander. Justin Glosek is a childhood friend and nothing more. He has nothing to do with Peace Metal. We are a company based on peace, love, and wholesome values. We support unity of every kind, and want to see people come together, not divide.

    [Editor’s note: On his own Facebook page, Glosek says he is the “President of New Nation Productions and production manager and security at Peace Metal Productions. He also calls himself a “PeaceMetal Pro PM” on a post on Peace Metal’s “Bikini Beach Beatdown”. At one time the Peace Metal Production’s Facebook page noted a “Justin G PMP Production Manager”, and we know this because even though while this seems to have been removed from the page, it is still noted on Google when you search for “Peace Metal Productions” and “Justin G.” On a page for an event Peace Metal Productions promoted last year called Fest Of The Dead, Ryan Templeton of the band Geniverse gives a “Big shout out to Justin and Peace Metal Productions for hooking us up with playing this.” Finally last December, Peace Metal Productions and New Nation Social Club jointly promoted a benefit show for children. –Idavox]

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