February 21, 2018

‘I’ve Always Been a White Nationalist!’ Tony Hovater’s Jaunt Into White Supremacist Activism Costs Him Old Friends

Well THIS purge didn’t take long to manifest itself!

NEW CARLISLE, OH – It was only a matter of time after White supremacist Tony Hovater was noted in a recent article that he was running for local office under the banner of a racist political party before those who he has worked and associated with in the past began to distance themselves from him.

In an Al Jazeera America article spotlighting White supremacist Matthew Heimbach, Hovater was mentioned as running for City Council as a member of Heimbach’s new political party, the Traditional Workers’ Party. Hovater was the onetime drummer of Dayton metalcore band The Paramedic, and heavy metal websites immediately seized upon the news. In a statement on their Facebook page, the band emphatically denied they had any involvement with their former drummer’s leanings, and excoriated the websites for mentioning Hovater’s past association with the band. “How can we be a white supremacist band when our vocalist isn’t white?” the statement read. “Don’t feed into the bullshit. Some companies just have to stoop that low to get people to click on their stories. It’s a shame, really. There is so much going on in music that won’t get covered. There are so many amazing bands that deserve attention for all the right reasons. And no one will ever know, because these music “news” magazines are too busy trying to shit on hard working bands just to get people to buy their new issue. We’re just going to say what’s up to our haters real quick and keep making music for the fans to love.”

Sources connected to The Paramedic told One People’s Project that Hovater was only in the band for two months and the band has not had any contact with them since he left.

Hovater was also an associate of the Clark County (OH) Young Republicans and in February accompanied Young Republicans and New Carlisle City Council member Ethan Reynolds to the Conservative Political Action Conference. In a phone conversation, Reynolds, who noted he has Black, Hispanic and Asian family members, told One People’s Project that the Clark County Young Republicans have voted him out of the organization and refuses to have any involvement with him in the future. “When his views came out the Young Republicans said ‘Nope, he’s out, he’s gone, that’s it,’” Reynolds said, saying further that he broke away from him a long time ago and that Matthew Heimbach is “the worst form of a Christian.”

“For me as a Christian, this crap he spews and people like him, that is the worst form of hatred, people who hate someone because of the way they were born, and I as a Christian love everyone.” Reynolds said.

Hovater, on ironically the far right, posing for a pic at the 2015 American Renaissance Conference with Paul “RamZPaul” Ramsey, third from right and Patrick Sharp, second from left.

In a radio podcast with Heimbach recorded prior to the Al Jazeera article being published. Hovater said it was at CPAC that he saw Heimbach for the first time outside as he staged a protest alongside others, including Virginia White supremacist Ron Doggett. He said he later reconnected with Heimbach at this year American Renaissance Conference in Dickson, TN. “I’ve always been a White nationalist,” Hovater said on the program.

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