February 18, 2018

Klan, KSS Klocked in Philly! (VIDEO)

Or, how the longest day of the year became the longest day of the lives of any hatemonger in the Tacony section of Philadelphia. A few Klan groups thought they could hold a clandestine rally in Philly today, and unfortunately for them, we found out, and not only a Klan group operating in Philly was exposed, Keystone State “Skinheads” got the treatment as well since they are in this neighborhood too!  Hey Fascist scumbags! We know how to do this! Don’t test us! Links to more pics and other reports are being added as they are published.

One People’s Project

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A rally held today by a number of Klan organizations was meant to go under the radar. Instead not only did residents come out once they learned of their presence, a second impromptu rally took place at the home and reputed headquarters of another hate group nearby once the Klan members retreated. The event in effect alerted residents to a rather quiet Klan presence being run by a possible city worker.

According to some reports, the threat of a Klan rally was brewing for just over a month in the Tacony section of Philadelphia after a local Grand Dragon was kicked out of a town watch organization. According to Joe Nicoletti of the Tacony/Holmesburg Town Watch, The East Coast Knights of the True Invisible Empire have been trying to start their own town watches, and have been trying to recruit within established committees such as his. When he discovered this among his own ranks, his town watch removed the person. In response, the Klan groups wanted to come out to the neighborhood in a “show of force” to support him. There was no public call or any messages on the internet announcing the event, but a permit was filed with the city. Police officials said they could not release the name of the person who filed the permit.

The Klansmen boasted upwards to about 80 Klansmen were to participate with a number of high profile speakers on hand, but in the end only seven stood on the steps of the Tacony Library on the corner of Torresdale and Knorr. Among them were Richard Preston, Imperial Wizard of the Confederate White Knights of Rosedale, Md., which as only been in existance for three years, The Knights of the Nordic Order, which was founded by former Aryan Brotherhood members, and other Klansmen from Virginia and Western Pennsylvania. The East Coast Knights banner was unfurled during the rally.

Community members noticed the buildup of police and some antifa outside the library prior to the arrival of the Klan and were unaware of the type of event that was to take placein their neighborhood. Once they were informed dozens poured out to shout the Klansmen down. Some in the community joined hands across the street from the library as a show of unity. The rally, which was supposed to start at 1 PM and go on until 3PM, started a half hour late and was completed an hour early with the Klansmen abandoning the library as the crowd followed them and driving off.

The Vanagatis House. Photo Credit: Michael Albany

The multiracial Tacony neighborhood is ironically also where many members of the white supremacist Keystone State “Skinheads” (KSS, a/k/a Keystone United) reside, and after the Klan departed, antifa and some community members walked to the home of KSS members Bryan and Patricia Vanagatis, which has been a reputed meeting and headquarters for the group just blocks away from the library on Dittman St. A peaceful protest was held at the home that went on for another half hour and protesters also took the time to talk with the neighbors, many of whom were Black and Hispanic. Although there were people in the home, no one engaged protesters or even came near the windows until police knock on the door and an older woman answered. No KSS members noticibly participated in the rally at the library.

While no one has yet to name the person that was kicked out of the town watch and sparked this rally, The East Coast Knights’ Grand Dragon is William Walters. According to his Facebook Page Walters is from Tacony and works for the City of Philadelphia. Among his pictures is the logo for the Tacony Town Watch. His posts call for the end of same sex marriages, interracial relationships, illegal immigration, and what he calls white discrimination. “(F)or every non white right our government passes they take away rights of the White Americans!!” he writes. “Equal opportunity means the minorities get the jobs first, qualified or not !!! Stop affirmation Action Now!!!”

There was no incidents, injuries or arrests during either the rally at the Library or at the Vanagatis house.


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