January 22, 2018

So…What Has Michael Carothers Been Up To?

Michael Carothers' mugshot

We are starting to think that we are the stuff of Michael Carothers’ nightmares. He gets out of jail, becomes a part of that legion of neo-Nazi internet trolls, gets his teeth proverbially kicked in for it, and he and his crowd blames us! Fine by us, buddy!

One People’s Project

In April, Michael Carothers, who as National Alliance member Michael David Weaver was known in Columbus, Georgia for distributing racist flyers throughout town, was released from prison after his year sentence for attacking a black man along the road with pepper spray. The conditions of his parole was that we was not allowed to return to Columbus or surrounding counties for the next nine years, and as a result relocated to a suburb of Atlanta. Since his release he found another calling – racist internet troll. The problem with that the people he targeted in his new endeavor started going after him when he started to make what they saw were threatening moves online.

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On Facebook, under the moniker “Oswald Spengler”, which is also the name of a German historian and author, Carothers had been frequenting various Facebook pages and injecting comments and posts that promoted his racist worldview, one that finds very little support on those pages. Some posts would just promote a blog he authors that also promotes the same stances. Whenever someone is critical of him or the administrator bans him from the page, he would post their profile on his page, calling them “Anti-white/pro-Zionist POS ”, “antifa queer”, or some other attempt to disparage the person. For the most part, they are merely additions to a number of postings such as this of links to those he may consider the enemy.

It is not known what the conditions of Carothers’ probation are, but reportedly there was a call put into his probation officer as there was a perceived threat, due to others on his page proclaiming that they were actively seeking out one of those that he posted named “Sue Crabtree” who was listed as living in Florida. One of them, Rick Peterson of Miramar, Florida even suggested that he would attempt to get the person’s address through a friend at the local post office. “Tell this bitch that you have friends in Pembroke Pines, and Hollywood Florida that are tracking her down!” he posted in the comments. Carothers as “Oswald Spengler” had no issue with that, however but he had a problem. “I can’t as I was removed from the group and blocked by this POS!! “ he wrote.

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By Friday evening, Carothers was using his regular tactic of playing the victim when he was the one who was the aggressor. When he attacked the black man in Columbus, he accused the man of attacking him, although he was the one who pulled over, got out of his car and pepper sprayed him. In this case, he was accusing Crabtree of stalking him, according to a post by his father David Carothers, who uses the name “Dustin Bussey” on Facebook. “She…he…it…has gone so far as to complain to Michael’s probation officer that Michael has been threatening her online, an abject lie. But then, this is the ages-old modus operendi of communists…silence…destroyyour opponents,” Carothers posted, implying further that Crabtree was also a member/supporter of One People’s Project. The organization has been in contact with Crabtree, but she is not a member.

Since Friday evening, some posts have been removed from Carothers’s page, according to him, but many of the links to the other profiles, including Crabtree’s remain.

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