January 22, 2018

Who’s Who in the Nat’l Socialist Movement: Membership List Leaked

Over 200 pages and 1500+ entries, all in over 40 pdf files. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the National Socialist Movement, courtesy of a membership list in their race-mixing leader’s handwriting. You’re welcome.

One People’s Project

A National Socialist Movement (NSM) mailing and membership list reportedly handwritten by NSM head Jeff Schoep dating as far back as 2004, has been leaked and now available online. It comes out as his marriage is falling apart reportedly due to Schoep’s infidelity, which has included him moving his current girlfriend into the home he shares with his wife.

The spiral-bound notebook with a plastic dark blue cover has over 1500 entries, although some have been either crossed out or repeated with updated information. While many of the entries are designated as those for either supporters, people who are purchasing NSM merchandise or with no designation at all, the majority of the entries are marked “member”. The handwriting can be compared to the handwriting on the incorporation papers, applications and annual reports for Schoep’s company Tyr Productions, which can be found on the State of Michigan website. The head of the NSM since 1998, Schoep is also its sole proprietor .

In addition to the list two letters of members resigning from the NSM were also obtained. One was from Cynthia Keene from Springfield, MO, who resigned for unknown reasons in 2010 but still said she will continue to support the group’s efforts. The other was from neo-Nazi Samuel James Johnson, who said in his 2010 email that he is resigning to chart another course in his activism. “There is no more purpose for organizational ties, the time has come purely and simply for organization,” his email read. “I am not talking about a protest or a street walk or handing out fliers to try to wake people up who will not be awakened until there life’s (sic) have been effected enough to see the truth. I think you know what I’m getting at.”

According to recent information that has been obtained, Johnson is a convicted felon who resides at 1105 N. North Ave Fairmont, MN. He was recently married to an alleged neo-Nazi named Teresa Goad, a/k/a Teresa Johnson-White, who works as a nurse at the Mayo Clinic in Fairmont, MN.

Schoep’s four-year marriage to his wife Johanna, who was with him during the NSM Conference and rally in New Jersey back in April, began falling apart in December when she was informed by Schoep that he was seeing a model from California named Camilyn, who has been featured in videos online of her getting hit in the face with pies. Joanna says she originally planned to go on a weeklong cruise in late December with Jeff, but since things soured between them, she took the trip with her youngest daughter instead. A week was all Jeff needed.  Joanna told One People’s Project that when she and her daughter returned home, Camilyn was moved into her bedroom with Jeff, which now had a lock on the door, keeping Joanna away from her personal effects as well as items belonging to her daughter. According to Johanna the judge ruled that Jeff cannot prevent her from reclaiming her property, but because Camilynn, who reportedly is working as a barrister in Troy, MI, went into a rental agreement with Jeff, the judge ruled she is allowed to stay and all three need to be able to live together. Joanna has since moved elsewhere for the sake of her daughter, but she is still allowed to come to the house. Camilyn has been with Jeff at recent NSM events.

Johanna, also confirmed to One People’s Project, whom she has been speaking to out of concern for her safety, that her daughter is indeed biracial, a product of a previous relationship with a black man. Jeff has long denied this to his fellow neo-Nazis, who uncovered this several years ago. Johanna also noted that she is a quarter Syrian, as her father is Syrian and German, and she identifies as an Arab American. This was never revealed before, but might not be too much of a problem for Jeff, who has NSM flags made in China and pins made in Pakistan, according to the labels on the packaging.

The NSM is currently engaged in a number of events over the next month. The New Jersey Chapter of the NSM plans to hold a literature drop every weekend for the month of March, which is always a precursor to the NSM Conference which this year will take place April 21 in Frankfort, KY.

Notable Entries in the List:

Former college professor Jacques Pluss, whose 2-7-05 entry noting him as a member has been crossed out. Last year Pluss was arrested for threatening Anti-Defamation League head Abe Foxman.

April Patterson’s 3-15-05 entry has her living in Missouri. When she lived in Indiana, it was with convicted sex offender and NSM Indiana head John Snyder, who eventually became a fugitive profiled on America’s Most Wanted.

Conrad Jankowski has a 2-3-06 entry as a member. Jankowski is better known as a probate of the white supremacist Vinlander Social Club, who has been at often violent odds with the NSM. In 2009, Jankowski fled with fellow Vinlander Michael Parrish after Parrish murdered his girlfriend and their 2-year-old son. The pair were caught in New Hampshire, and while Parrish still faces trial – and the death penalty – after retracting his guilty plea last September, Jankowski pled guilty to hindering apprehension March 2010, sentenced to 6 to 23 months in prison, and paroled four months later.

Gary Kerifels, who once contacted One People’s Project while attempting to contact Volksfront, has a 2-2-09 listing as a member.

Missy Hyatt has a 11-3-09 entry listing her as a member. According to her Wikipedia entry, she is a former wrestling valet with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), both since bought out by World Wrestling Entertainment. The Howard Beach PO Box found in the entry matches what she uses as his contact information, although digits in the PO Box were reversed.

Corinna Burt, who has several notations in the list, mostly regarding change of addresses. Burt was a local member of the Portland, OR NSM when she was exposed by Portland Anti-Racist Action in 2010 as a porn actress under the names “Cori Lou,” “Cori Lou Burke,” and “Slave Corrylu.” Burt has since left the neo-Nazi scene and now speaks out against it.

The List (PDF Files) & Resignation Letters (JPG Files) CLICK ON PAGE NUMBERS

NOTE: 13 and 21 were duplicates and were removed.

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